Friday, May 09, 2008
Now that I've been home a few weeks I have been thinking about how different my life is "here and there."

The Weather

As the sun sets. Miami, Florida

In Florida the weather is better.

Even though it's spring here, it's can be cold and damp. As I'm typing this post I have the heat on!

It's true what they say about sunshine, When it's warm, the bones don't ache! I know that from experience.

Food Shopping

Publix in Winter Haven, FL

Because I go out to eat out a lot more in Florida, I don't have to go to the market as often or buy that much. Just yesterday I did another big food shopping and shlepping home the groceries was no joke.

The Movies

Movie theater

There are two movie theaters that are a stones through from my condo and one that takes about 15 minutes to get to.

Here in my town I have to travel a good half hour to get to the movies, and to add insult to injury, the price of admission is higher.


Corned beef

I rarely have to travel any distance to get a really good and reasonable meal. If you looked in the yellow pages for a bagel place you could easily find a dozen listings. The same goes for a delicatessen, many are nearby and oh, are they good!! The one problem with the popular places is, there is usually a long wait. The trick is to go there before you are hungry, by the time you are seated you are ready to enjoy that cornbeef on rye or a bowl of chicken noodle soup with a matzo ball!

It's another story here in the north - There is one deli in my area, I have never been there but I have heard it's "just ok." There have been several deli's that have opened and closed, they just don't have "the right stuff."

We do have a coffee shop and a Dunkun Donuts that sell bagels, they are ok but nothing like what is available in Florida.

The Library

Ann Arbor Library - Pittsfield Branch

It only takes me about 10 minutes to get to the local library. They offer many interesting programs which are held in the
DAYTIME and there is a large parking lot. They are in the process of building a much larger and more modern library which should be ready next winter. It's going to be close by too.

The library that I have in my town offers some interesting programs BUT they are all held in the evening. I remember going there last spring and found the street was not well lit, the sidewalk was irregular and there is no parking lot. That's not for me.

With all that said you would think that I would want to live in Florida all year round but no, home is where the heart is!

Millie, I see that you have been spammed by the same idiot who does it to me. I delete his commentary without reading more than a line of such drivel.

I think you'd want to go back to FL very soon!!
Millie --Sorry that you have been spammed. Just came here to wish you a Happy Mother's Day froom my blog to yours.
Happy Mother's Day Mom.

Here's the History of Mother's Day.

"According to the National Restaurant Association, Mother's Day is now the most popular day of the year to dine out at a restaurant in the US."

I made a reservation! See you soon!
I spent some quality time with Steve the other day and have found a few new places to poke around on the Internet.

And he mentioned that comments are one of the things you love, so here is mine.


Yes, I already called my mom. No, her gift hasn't arrived. Yes, we're going to dinner later today. No, I'm not buying. Yes, I love her. No, without me she wouldn't be a mother. Well, she would be if you're counting other siblings, but I'm the oldest.

Have a great day.

Steve says you love here's one: Happy Mother's Day to you! Hope you're having a good one.


Frank Roche
Happy Mother's Day, Mrs. Garfield!
From one mother to another I hope today was a wonderful day for you!
Hope your Mother's Day was special.

As for your two different worlds -- seems like you have the best of all worlds with them both. The commute and adjustment each time has probably become less enjoyable with the years, but you seem to be doing quite well.

Funny thing about these movie theaters -- I thought the special $4 rate our new movie house offered for certain hours was good. A friend back east said they get a special $1 rate. Wonder how they decide what to charge Elders as a "special rate?"
I am glad that even with all the problems living in New England, you still want to be here. Signed, another Bostonian.
Your post today reminded me of some of the advantages of my new smaller city home.
Convenience to almost everything and such a variety.
I drove to my old homeplace today.
Tears in my eyes as I drove home.
It was so nice that almost everyplace I visited someone knows me.
Not like that in this big city.
I almost feel invisable.
It has its advantages and some disadvantages.
Now I am close to some of my children and grandchildren.
Have a good day or is it evening.
Blessings to you
What an interesting post, Millie! Of course, with so many retired people, 'there' offers more stuff during the day than in the evenings.
On the other hand, Florida must get hot and stuffy in the summer. And as you said home is where the heart is.
Did you know that in France, Mother's Day is the last Sunday in May?
I love this blog, thanks for sharing.
- George Ya76oo
Thanks to all of you who wished me a Happy Mothers Day. One of the gifts I received was a book, "The Red Hat Society - Fun and Friendship After Fifty."

One quote, : Remember, a house becomes a home when you can write "I love you" on the furniture."
Ah, Millie, you forgot to list one advantage in Boston. The Car Guys are there! I think of you, often, while listening to their program. You are in good company, there.
Cop Car
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