Sunday, June 22, 2008
This season my friends and I signed up for a series of three plays at the North Shore Music Theatre.

Yesterday we attended a matinee performance of "Contact."

In the past a Saturday matinee attracted a sold out house, yesterday there were a lot of empty seats.

The Boston Globe's review was extremely positive, they thought is was "a crisp and classy production with a wildly imaginative musical score."

So, why were there so many empty seats? Maybe because the economy is bad, the price of gas is so high or because a lot of people are not familiar with the play. I'm thinking another reason could be that seniors are the ones that go to the matinees and as they pass on, the younger people don't do afternoons.

Could be despite the excellent review word of mouth turned people off.

I had expected to enjoy the play more than I did. Part one was slow, Part two, better. Fortunately Part three was very enjoyable. Great dancing and songs like "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" and "Beyond The Sea" saved the afternoon.

After the play, we went to a local restaurant and had a fine dinner. It was still early so what "to do" to round out the day?

"Ice Cream, Ice Cream, we all scream for Ice Cream."

icm: pretzel cone

There's an outdoor ice cream place not to far from where we live, a million flavors to choose from and a miniature golf course right next door. No, we didn't golf but we had our cones and watched the kiddies and the adults play.

It turned out the stop for ice cream was the highlight of the day.

Popcorn was the highlight of my day, Millie...LOL. It is too bad that the play was not well attended. I hear that all sorts of events are suffering due to high prices and the cost of gas. I know I'm staying home more often.
Millie--that photo of the ice cream is making me want to break my diet.
It looks delicious!!!
Dear Millie,
I'm new to Blogging so I've been looking through the Ageless Blogs for ideas. Your approach to life seems rather like mine, although I'm only 77, a mere babe! But I'm very interested in theatre. I used to act, locally, but I now attend play-readings because life is too short to be learning lines! Incidentally, I'm from Australia, and my Blog (written in verse) is called 'Rinkly Rimes'.
Brenda Bryant
Ahhh, you brought back some great memories of the Northshore Music Theater (my college graduation was held there back in 1974!) from when I lived in Salem.
I'd bet anything the decreased theater-goers is due to the economy. It seems to be hitting all aspects of our society.
The ice-cream looked yummy!
rinkly rimes
Welcome to the blogging world.

You are right, my approach to life is like yours.

You said "life is to short to learn lines." What I say is, " life is to short to be little.'

Same thought said two different ways. ;-)
Hey, that icecream sounded absolutely yummy!
Sometimes when reviews are good, you do expect so much that you are disappointed at the play. It's happened to me before!
Brenda Bryant back again. This time to remark on the caricature! I'm certain it's your own face. I have a very talented cartoonist friend. I'm sure he'd appreciate this. Give me a topic and I'll write a poem about it for your Blog if you like. By the way, appreciation of the icecream photo will have to wait till our summer, which wont start till October!
i had one today from the ice cream wagon, after like 10 years :)
Hi Millie, The ice cream, flowers and the view were the highlight of the day. But your company was priceless. The play was enjoyable and your ice cream cone in the Blog looks GREAT! I am so lucky you're my friend, Nanci
Expect the economy is adversely affecting attendance for many -- too bad for all -- those who miss the shows and the performers.

That ice cream looks so good, I'm going to end this comment and go finish off some in my freezer.

Belated congrats on the WSJ mention. Have you managed to get into the Wash. Post yet -- what's next?

Aha!! I WAS written up in the Washington Post Tuesday, August 2, 2005 -

Blogging Through the Ages
By Jennifer L. Huget.

I'll keep you posted any "new excitement in my life."
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