Saturday, August 30, 2008
Since the economy is so bad these days we're all trying to find ways to cut back on spending. Everything has gone up - I don't have to tell you - the price of gas is out of sight and from day to day everything at the supermarket goes up.

Image: American Chop Suey by Jeff Cutler

So that got me thinking about how and what "I used to cook." (I do very little cooking these days ;-)

One of my families' favorites was an economical dish that could feed a family for very little and leave them well satisfied. If your family likes hamburg, this one is for you.


1 1/2 lb. hamburg ( ground beef )
2 medium onions, coarsely chopped
1 green pepper, coarsely chopped
2 tbsp. margarine or oil
1 10oz. can tomato soup
8 oz. elbow macaroni

Brown onions and green pepper in oil or margarine. Mix hamburg in browned mixture until it loses its color, add tomato soup and spaghetti sauce.

Let simmer 10-15 minutes. Cook macaroni as directed, add mixture to same and bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. Serves 6

If you are lucky enough to have peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms or tomatoes growing in your garden this season just add them to the mix - You'll get more servings out of this recipe and it will taste even better!


It sounds good, Millie. I like mixtures like this, although I don't cook them often. I am always looking for recipes with low fat and salt (for mr. kenju). I could use fresh tomatoes instead of the soup here and save a lot of salt, I think.
Why the price of gas is down here in southern California the last few weeks. I paid ONLY $3.77 a gallon the other day! :~D On a positive note, freeway traffic is down and, if you can afford the gas, you can actually get to where you are going in a reasonable amount of time (though no always)!
This sounds really easy and very good. I think I'll try it some time soon. Thanks Millie!
Millie, for us uneducated Brits, what's Hamburg ?
From another uneducated Brit, we used to make this with mince with grated cheese on top.

I bet that Mince is Hamburg?

mrs K

Hamburg is ground beef.
I updated the recipe to explain
I used to make this only I used a large can of tomatoes and put a TBS of chili powder in.

I once had a cookbook with 101 ways to cook hamburger and I think I tried nearly all of them when money was scarce.
My mom just called and we talked about this entry and the discussion abotu mince.

I just went over to Wikipedia and read the entry abot "ground meat":

"Ground meat is meat finely chopped by a meat grinder. It is called mince or mince(d) meat outside North America."

I did not know that!
This is just what I am making for dinner tonight...wondering what to do with lean hamburgar in the fridge.
This sounds really yummy, Millie! My mouth is watering!
Thanks for the recipe Millie.
I will pass it on to my husband who is my private chef.
(I know I am VERY lucky.)

Bear((( )))
You know when I was a kid dad use to make a version of this but with shell macaroni, and he called it Goulash. Now I know it wasn't ever really a Goulash but I pretty much pigeon hole all recipes featuring spicy pasta in beefy/vegetable tomato sauce as fitting into that category.

Ah... the memories food can bring!
Yummy Millie thanks a bunch
Hi Millie, I am going to make this recipe and substitute ground turkey for the ground meat. This meal sounds so BUDGET FRIENDLY!
Now is the time to stretch our dollars so we can afford other necessities. Thank you for the recipe. Love Nanci
I just learned about your blog and was reading back posts. My family always made American Chop Suey. Just seeing that made me smile! Thanks for bringing me a great memory.
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