Sunday, August 03, 2008
A few weeks ago Lisa left a comment on my post - "A Florida Day - Part 2." in which she asked, "what is your SECRET about leading such an exciting life?"

That's a really big question! I needed help so the first I did was look up the definition of the word "excite" in the dictionary.
EXCITE - To arouse (a feeling, interest into being or activity, evoke. stimulate the emotions, to cause action, awaken, stir, inspire, kindle.
On rare occasions something happens in a person's life that is a once in a life time experience, that is really special and exciting but if you expect that kind of excitment in your everyday life, forget it.

Ok, now that I 've said that, here are some thoughts off the top of my head that should make your life more exciting:
Feel passionate about something - get involved in learning something new, do something that inspires you.

Try something new even if it's a different flavor of ice cream.

Visit the nearby town that you never go to - they may have that nice little shop you've been looking for.

A-List Blogger

Instead of the usual place for lunch - try someplace different.

Smile at that grouch, he just might smile back.

Go to the library - you just might find a book that stimulates your imagination.

Millie and Jonny

Keep the door open for new friendships

Keep in touch with old friends - they just might be visiting your town.

Take a chance and order something different at the restaurant.

Go out, if you don't go out, nothing happens!!
So, Lisa there really is no secret to leading an exciting life. It's just not the things that you look at, it's how you look at them.

Now that I've said all that, let's see what ideas and suggestions my readers have for Lisa.

Sounds like we could just start with your suggestions and that would get things going. Thanks.
I think you covered it pretty well, Millie. I might add, volunteer to an organization that shares your interests. For example: Perhaps your interest is great art. Then become a docent at your art museum. You will enjoy the time spent there as well as meeting new people who enjoy the same things you do.
Within your list, Millie, is the secret for growing older gracefully and never being bored or boring!!
My grandmother ALWAYS walked on the sunny side of the street
A very good list of answers and thank you for sharing them with all of us. They made me think of my grandmother who would have said a lot of similar things.
You have found the secret to a happy and fulfilling live.
Thank you for sharing those points with us.
Also thank you for your kind words on my blog.
The shoulder is healing nicely and hopefully the doctor will tell me that I can start physiotherapy soon.

Bear((( )))
Hi Millie,
Another great post! Thanks so much for sharing as always.
I value your advice since my own Mom has passed on.
It is wonderful that you share yourself with us like this.
You don't know how much it means to some of us.
Hi Millie, Thank you for such a beautiful post. I find making other people happy with small good deeds makes me very happy!

It is also very true as you said "That if we change the way we look at things the things we look at will change." The glass is 1/2 FULL of 1/2 EMPTY! Nanci
Hi Millie. Did you ever meet another Floridian, Ruth Hamilton, who was the world's oldest blogger when she died at the age of 109, earlier this year?

There's a story about her, just published, at

Best wshes, Eric.
You are very wise Millie. Did that come with getting older or have you always 'had it together.'? The only thing that I would add is find something each and everyday that you are thankful for before you fall into bed at night. It can be something as small as that perfect cup of coffee in the morning.
One time I heard that you should be doing what you loved when you were little. I loved radio. I was intrigued by how it was made. Since then I've been a college radio DJ, a producer of a morning show in Boston, and now a video producer. I love it.

I enjoyed reading these thoughts and can see where my own attitude for life comes from. Thanks mom!
Good idea, volunteering somewhere where you could meet people that have the same interests that you do.

No Eric I did not have the pleasure of meeting Ruth, the 109 year old blogger but I will check out the link you included and read about her.
We elders should know about each other.

I get a great deal of satisfaction blogging but when I receive a comment like yours it's very gratifying to realize that I am helpful and make a difference. It's frosting on the cake!!

You ask a very good question - was I always together or did that come with age? I had to stop and think about that -
Looking back -my mother didn't have much but she always appeared to be happy, never complained, smiled a lot and went around the house singing.

I was exposed to a happy enviroment and that gave me a good start. The older I get the more important the little things become.

I like your idea of thinking of something to be thankful for every day even if it's just a cup of coffee!!
Good answers, Millie! I just try to keep myself busy and other stuff follows.
You summed it up well, Millie. I think curiosity and willingness to learn new things helps make life more interesting. Plus a genuine caring about people and getting to know some with interests different than my own opens up new doors.

I sure agree a Mother's positive attitude toward life can greatly influence us, as mine always seem to maintain her optimistic outlook whatever the circumstances.
Millie, I love this post.
Most of these I am aware of but have to admit at times some of them I have had to push myself to do.
At this particular time in my life. I have a tendency to stay home too much. But it is the result of having a busy past and a big family. Just nice to be home more now. Thank you and some of the comments for the reminder's
Oh, I think you covered them all and I just want to emphasize that it is your sense of humor that keeps you young. You always see the glass half full and this optomism works like a magnet which draws us all here to your blog.

I found your writes are interesting and encouraging.

I just started blogging a month before my first grandson was born (December 15th 07). So, I am grandma blogger, as mentioned by my youngest daughter who is to turn 17 this October.

I have been doing volunteer work with ladies association ever since I came home from UK in '84. Yes, it gives not only self satisfactions, great pleasures and meeting new faces but I learned a lot of human behaviors too.

Now, since the arrival of my grandson, I beg to retire and volunteering looking after him.

Its like observing something in the national geographic. How he progresses and develops, I keep a close and constant watch while his parents missed them. How I appreciate this time round taking care of another helpless small baby, giggling and laughing away with no worries and grouses about life at all.

Its manageable and keeps me busy...

Millie, Thank you for sharing with us what your went through and all your practical suggestions.
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That's a great list, Millie. No wonder your blog is always interesting to read.
You asked for ideas. Your list is so great it is hard to add to, but I would say.... Explore new things. Learning is exciting.
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