Sunday, September 28, 2008
Millie Garfield with Carol and Shipyard Export

I just returned from a wonderful long week-end. You'll be hearing about it once I get back down to earth.

Hi Millie, The photo of Carol and you came out beautiful. The clothes look so elegant and it looks like a fun time. Hope to see more photos of the Wedding Party.
May there be more Happy Times in your future!
Hi Nanci,
Here's the complete set of photos from the bridal shower through the wedding...

Millie, you look absolutely stunning! I love your outfit!
Thanks Steve for the link to the set
You look wonderful in that picture.

Bear((( )))
I do not now how you do it...but inner peace and happiness must be the key to making people look younger as they age.
Tabor is right! You look wonderful!
You have such a beautiful smile, Millie, and never more so than in this picture. I can just tell that you were having the time of your life.
Beautiful photo and you both look so very happy. Now I am going to go look at all the photos that your son has graciously posted for us.
Oh Millie
Another compliment. You look stunning and 20 years younger then you are. The happiness is beaming from your eyes and smile.
You made me smile this early morning and thinking this age trip may not be too bad - if I can be like you!!!!
Steve's pictures are excellent. They will be a wonderful keepsake for the family.

And you Millie look absolutely radiant.
Don't forget to say that there's a post by you at Time goes by
You and Carol look positively gorgeous!!
That wedding looked just gorgeous and you're right....the prettiest cake I've ever seen.
But I just had to comment on this photo of YOU, Millie! I swear you're getting younger! Gosh, you look great. What's your secret?
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