Saturday, September 06, 2008
When Ronni is unhappy about something she posts as "The Crabby Old Lady." Now it's my turn, just call me "The Grouchy Old Lady."

I usually can take things in my stride but this week was different. Maybe it was the humid weather, my allergy or not sleeping well but everything was rubbing me the wrong way!

For example:
I have a few special events coming up in the next few months and want to update my clothes. After all, how many times can you go shopping in your closet. I finally made up my mind to tackle the stores.

There are several stores in my immediate neighborhood so getting there is no problem. I stopped at two stores, nothing there so off I went to the third store. Fortunately I found a patent leather clutch bag that I have been looking for, for sometime.

Off I went to check out my purchase. The store has one area for purchases and one for returns. That day they only had one cashier for purchases and one for returns That was ok because there was only one person in front of me. (Oh, by the way the air conditioning was not working)

When the lady in front of me started to take her purchases out of the carriage there was no end to what she was buying. I saw LOADS of baby clothes, they were all on hangers and the cashier had to take them off the hangers and fold them. And if that wasn't bad enough she had to call for a price check!! (And you know how long that can take)

At this point the lady behind me gave up and left. Ordinarily I would have done the same but I really wanted that clutch.

All this time the return cashier wasn't doing anything until a customer approached her to make a return.

Meanwhile the line in back of me was growing by leaps and bounds. Finally it was my turn!! What happened next really got my dander up - the return cashier started to take care of customers who wanted to make purchases!

No wonder I was grouchy!

I hate when that happens! I hope she took you first, seeing as how you had been there longer than the others!
Never fails the same thing happens to me. I guess I'm just glad I'm not the store clerk!
Oh that is so annoying. It's almost as bad when people behind desks insist on finishing their gossip with a colleague before deigning to acknowledge your presence. That seems to happen alot here in France.
I don't blame you for being grouchy. I get grouchy when I think I have chosen the shortest check out line only to have the person in front of me wait until everything has been charged to start looking for her checkbook and make out the check from the beginning. I want to ask her why she hadn't filled everything except the amount in first. Arrrgh! Meanwhile, the long line I passed up has served four or five customers.
Why don't you call the store and report this incident to the management?
I am sure that they would want to hear about this. If I was the manager I know I would be concerned, especially when people were leaving and not purchasing the items they had chosen.

Bear((( )))
You women are funny. You insist on buying bags to put clutches in and they are always so small. Have you seen how big the clutch off a car is ??? Clutch bag indeed.

Also, Grumpy - Millie ? These words do not belong together.
Your comment reminds me of a somewhat similar situation.

I go out to dinner with a group of "girls" and when it comes time to pay the bill there is always someone who only has a large bill and needs change!! They never come prepared.

Bear Naked
Good suggestion but instead of calling what I'm going to do is make a print-out of this post and bring it into the store and give it to the manager.

He's lucky I didn't give the name of the store!

Yes, she did, if she didn't you would have heard me yelling even though you live miles away.

I felt badly for the cashier, she was in a tough spot and did the best she could.

"Grumpy -Millie" - those words don't belong together" That gave me a big laugh!

It happens to the best of us. ;-)
Hi Millie, I guess we really do not enjoy shopping otherwise we would tolerate the circumstances better! I HATE TO SHOP...ESPECIALLY GROCERIES and then I have to bring them into my home and...put them away. When I was younger I felt excited to go shopping.
My energy now is at a low level I guess.
Shopping is a necessary Evil!
Evil spelled backwards is LIVE and we have to shop to LIVE!
Anyone would get grouchy in such a case. I do too!
Have you noticed how stores arrange it for you to stand in line, whether there are a lot of customers or not?
Hi Millie! Thanks for sharing your experience. Maybe you'll feel a little bit better just being able to share your pain with all of us. Hopefully you eventually found something to go with that clutch! xoxo
Good afternoon Mrs Garfield!
I am a french student, I learn english and in my book, I saw a text about seniors and blogs, and you were interviewed in! So, I came see your own! I don't understand everything but I wanted to tell you that's pretty good! If I didn't know your age, I couldn't guess you are 81!
So again well done and keep on!
Sorry to be late to this party, but even so, Crabby Old Lady is in deep sympathy with you, Millie. Every company there is advertises how their great customer service is, how happy they are to serve us, but they never follow through in practice.

Crabby really gets nuts when - at last - a second register open and everyone behind her moves over while she still waits. Grrrrrr.
The customers can't return anything if they haven't been able to BUY anything. That would have annoyed me to no end!
I think clothes shopping is the pits even on a good day. Sounds as if your shopping day was extremely unpleasand. Sorry.:(

Now go dress up and enjoy that clutch bag.
Perfect because I need to do something different because sometimes I feel so bored at home and it seems perfect.
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