Saturday, October 25, 2008
It's funny, just last week I made a post about "Somethings Never Change" and here I am today writing about a change that took place this week.

This grouchy old lady is not happy about it.

A few years ago the Boston Globe introduced a section called "Sidekick." I was not happy about it and wrote the newspaper about my feelings. At that time they had a nice young man assigned to that new endeavor. He responded to me and acknowledged that there were problems with the new section and the Globe was working to improve it.(As a matter of fact I made a post about it.)

As time went by they did make improvements on "Sidekick" and I got used to it. This "old old" lady doesn't like most changes, some changes, if they happen are for the better (like what will hopefully happen in the coming election.)

But leave my paper alone!! A few days ago the Boston Globe introduced "G" to replace "Sidekick."

It's too early to tell how I am going to adjust to the new format but one thing I can tell you - I had quite a time handling that section. The paper did not feel good in my hands, I had trouble turning the pages, they were flopping all over the place.

For those of you who follow me you know "I Can't Open It", "I Can't See It" and "I Can't Get It Out." Now "I Can't Fold It."

What the heck, why was I having such a problem? I finally figured it out - when they changed the format, they also changed the quality of the paper. I know, I know, their readership is down, their advertising revenue is down and their expenses are up.

But this "old old" lady doesn't like this change!!

Millie, I am with you all the way! Our paper has made so many changes here of late, and all the things you mentioned are true here too. Last week I canceled all but the Sunday paper. We are having slight withdrawal symptoms, but it isn't too hard to get used to not having a daily paper. It had gotten so thin (except for ads) that we don't much miss it anyway.
I understand, Millie!! Our local fishwrapper has gone through less than stellar changes, too. It's really sad.
Once upon a time you could rely on the newspaper to be the reliable source of truth. I fear that has changed. For the first time in my life I no longer have a morning paper to read. I get my news on the Internet and my local news on TV. I do miss a few features and may start it up again after the holidays, but for now I don't miss it.
kenju, Kay and Darlene

For years one of my simple pleasures has been reading the morning paper, even when I have an early morning appointment I'll get up earlier so I can get my daily fix.

I do get some news on the internet but I prefer holding the paper in my hands and reading the paper. (even if my fingers get black from the newsprint) It's a morning ritual!

The way things are going now, it looks like I just might do what you are doing - maybe just get the Sunday paper!

Oh and to add insult to injury - the price of the paper has gone up!!
I see that they have the same ways in the US and here. They complain that you don't buy the paper, but then they reduce the quality. It's the same for other stuff like food in restaurants, less of it, poorer quality and increased price.
Do they think we are fools and don't realise it?
The days of the newspaper are changing dramatically. While working I got electronic copies of the NY Times and The Wash Post, etc. and read my news via my computer. I am afraid that you will not be able to stop this change as they are fighting for their lives.
Where did you find an August 17 issue of "g" ? The first one I got was last Friday, October 24.

(I just tried posting this comment a few minutes ago, and it immediately disappeared. Strange)

What an observant person you are!

If you go to you will find the August 17th issue of "G" was a mock-up.

That's when they were working on a format for the new section.
I, too, have given up newspapers as source of news. It's the lack of objectivity in the news that was the change I couldn't handle.
Millie...I absolutely agree. Our local newspaper has been fiddling with its format and style for a few years now and it's making me crazy. Is it any wonder that more and more people are looking to the Internet for their dose of daily news?!?!?
I too have suffered with the change of our paper quality. I am about to give up on it. But I will never give up on reading your posts. You are delightful1
We've had so many changes with the newspapers to which I subscribe, the L.A.Times and a smaller local one, I've given up expressing my disappointment which is what I usually experience. The papers get smaller and smaller, I guess due to the poor financial state they're in.
newspaper are not as reliable as before
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