Sunday, October 05, 2008
Kimberly Wright Church Wedding Photos

The wedding took place in York, Maine. It rained the whole weekend, it not only rained, it poured and there even was an alert that a hurricane was coming. Whatever was going on outside, it did not dampen the spirits of the guests and the bridal party.

I shared a room with a family member who is 95 years old. She and I had to be the oldest guests at the wedding but there were no flies on us, we met the challenge and keep up with all those young people but there was one afternoon when we bowed out and had a nap. Oh, was that good, after all the running around we did.

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception

The reception was held at the York Reading Room in York Harbor. Wherever you sat you could see the ocean.

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception

Even though the sun was not shining the turbulent sea was a sight to behold.

Years ago when I went to an affair there was a band that played music that I could dance to.

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception

Today it's a DJ that delivers the music and rarely plays a fox-trot. They did play one and I had the pleasure of dancing with Steve. Next number was a jitterbug which was my favorite. (Glenn Miller's In The Mood.) Carol and I had fun with that dance and then the band played (I can't tell you what that was or what we were doing but it was great!!)

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception

The bride's mother thought of so many details, she even had a bucket of flip-flops for all the tired feet!

Time for the wedding cake: it was the most beautiful cake I have ever seen.

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception

It was decorated with red roses and sea shells - they looked so real - turns out they were edible - delicious!!

The three day wedding was a great opportunity to spend quality time with people that I might just get together with for an afternoon or evening.

It was a good time all around - wonderful occasion, wonderful food and great people to be with!

NOTE: Just in case you missed it, last week I was one of the guest bloggers on Time Goes By while Ronni was away. Subject was "Young Old - Old-Old". Take a look.

Looks like a fun time for you, Millie. You photos are really nice; I like the one of the ocean especially. And the bucket of flip-flops was a very nice touch.
The bride looks gorgeous and that cake is too beautiful.
Sounds like you had a great time.

Bear((( )))
It may have been raining outside, but the sun was shining inside.
Weddings are the most joyous of celebrations and I love going to one.

Wish I had been there and we could have 'cut a rug' together. Wouldn't that have been a sight?
Wow! Even flip flops for tired feet! That had to be the final touch. Great photos! Everything looked gorgeous, including you (in your last post), Millie
It looks like a stunning venue for a wedding! You, as ever, look wonderful. Carol looks beautiful as well.

I love the bucket of new flip flops! That was a nice touch.
My daughter got married on the Oregon coast in May. We lucked out with decent weather. We all had a great time, especially with a bonfire on the beach in the evening when everyone could relax and really get to know each other. Lots of people in flip flops!
Hi Millie, Thank you for sharing your happy occasion with us. Everything looked so beautiful: the people, photos,scenery and all the decorations etc. May the Bride and Groom have a wonderful life together! I love happy Parties and Events! Nanci
Nice Post. Thanks for sharing.
I REALLY like that cake. So pretty.
i wish for a wedding like this too =]
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