Friday, November 07, 2008
I recently agreed to try out a product that is called Step N Shine.
Step N Shine is a bedside mat that illuminates a soft glow path in the bedroom to allow the user to safely navigate in the dark - providing the ideal solution to fall prevention in the home.
I tried it and found that by simply stepping on the Step N Shine bedside mat when getting out of bed, Step N Shine lights up and activates all additional wireless Step N Shine lights creating an illuminted path to safely walk to the bathroom. Just what I need.

When I opened the package and started to read the directions, the first thing I read was:
"Open battery compartment door of the rug light with a Phillips screwdriver and insert 3 ALKALINE batteries"
Well, when I did that I was happy to find the batteries were already in there. I could try it out right away!

No plugs, no cords and it's completely wireless. The hardest part for me was getting it out of the box. ;-)

I've already told a few friends about how happy I am with Step N Shine and they can't wait to try it.

That's fascinating - what a great idea!
I'll have to find one of them for mr. kenju!!
I'll soon device something that can easily open boxes,tins cans etc etc.Today I was down with cold but I couldn't help seeing your post And I love it.
This is a neat item. I have a night light in the bathroom that burns all night and a motion night light in the hallway to the front of the house.
What a great idea.
I'll have to see if it is available here in Canada.
Thanks for the endorsement.

Bear((( )))
I had never heard of this before. I guess I had better google the name and see where I can get one. I just turn my bedside light on now, but that would be nicer.
That seems like a great idea Millie. I leave a light on low in the bathroom but the Step and Shine would be more energy efficent.

One thing I wonder, does the mat have a non slip surface to prevent falls?
It would certainly eliminate those little night lights that plug into the wall and burn out quickly or are knocked loose by passing too close.
Next week, Millie compares the top three hang gliders...
Millie thank you I would like one!!
What a good product! I can't help but think how it would have helped my mother-in-law who kept falling at night.

I must say though - the photo in the ad doesn't illustrate a single tripping hazzard! Such a tidy bedroom!
Hi Millie, I can hardly wait to try it! This will FREE UP some of the plug outlets I use for night lights. Thank You!

I've had the Light N Shine mat down for a week now and it lays flat on the floor - doesn't move.

It has a rubber backing so that must keep it from moving.

You gave me a good laugh but one never knows, I just might be testing hand gliders next week. ;-)

Regarding the neat bedroom - that's advertising for you
This has GOT to be one of the most clever things I've heard of since sliced bread! Seriously, what a great idea! Not only for those that live alone to prevent falls, for safety reasons, but......I am getting one of these for when we travel! Sometimes I think to pack a flashlight, but not always. This is such a great idea for having in a strange hotel room to make your way to the bathroom. I'll check it out. Thanks, Millie.
What a great idea. Last week when I toddled along to the loo in the dark I slipped over on some catsick so now I switch on the lights.
I was delighted to find "My Mom's Blog by Thoroughly Modern Millie!" I have an 84 year old grandmother, whom I love very dearly and am very close to. She's sharp as a tack, full of wisdom, and funny as hell. The only thing that disappoints me is that she's got what I teasingly call "internet-phobia." I'm definitely telling her about you!
p.s. This would be a handy Christmas gift for her, as it's a fairly long walk from her bedroom to her bathroom.
Thanks Millie, It seems like something that will work well for my parents. Look forward to maybe trying this one out.
What a clever product!
Wait! Let me get this straight. You open your eyes when you get up in the dark? What a quaint idea. Hunky Husband keeps a nightlight on in his bathroom with the door open to his bedroom. When he leaves town, the nightlight gets unplugged to save electricity and my night vision. (I sleep in his bedroom when he's gone because he has a huge bay window from which one may lie abed contemplating the stars!) I move about on autopilot, at night, without need for lights.

Glad the mats are working for you. They say, in writing about fall prevention, that the first thing one should do is to remove small rugs. I'm guessing that your mats have solved the tripping problem?
Cop Car
That's an interesting idea for a darkened bedroom. Swinging feet out of bed onto the mat could be a good addition to a night light across the room in a bathroom along with the mini-flashlight I keep on my bedside night stand.
Looks like something I should get. I remember once bumping so hard into my bedroom door that I was almost knocked out. Since then, I have a night light plugged into my corridor
great idea to share with all of us. thanks =]
Well I like how you worded the title firsssst of all. your posting was quite interesting, but is that really how it is??
Well Im sure that its really good so I hope nothing changes its really kool :)
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