Saturday, November 22, 2008
The last few months I have been glued to CNN. Now that the election for president is over I have begun to look for some good scheduled programs.

"Dancing With The Stars" is still on but I have lost interest. I've seen "Law and Order" a million times. I don't enjoy the fluffy comedy shows, When "Desperate Housewives" first came on TV, I enjoyed it, not anymore,

The good movies like "My Cousin Vinny", "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "Mystic River" have been on many times. When "Monk" was on I would make a point of watching it but even that show has lost some appeal for me.

A few years ago when "Raymond" and "Seinfeld" were on I'd make it my business to watch. Even now I tune in to catch repeats. Even though I've seen them a number of times , they still make me laugh.

Now the only "must see TV" is "Mad Men." The actors are great, the story line is terrific and the time period is portrayed just as I remember it.

The other show that I enjoy is "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire." hosted by Meredith Vieira. (on at 12:30pm EST) If I'm home at that time I plan my lunch around that show. I play the game with the contestant and get a kick out of it when I know the answer and they don't!! I feel bad when they answer incorrectly and am elated when they win a bundle.

That leads me to what inspired me to make this post.

The other day I read a movie review of "Slumdog Millionaire."

Here's a partial quote by Ty Burr, Globe Staff, from his review, Cinematic riches in 'Millionaire':
I'll keep this simple: Cancel whatever you're doing tonight and go see "Slumdog Millionaire" instead. Yes, you, the girl obsessed with "Twilight" and the guy still hung up on "The Dark Knight." Take the grandparents, too, and the teenagers. Everyone can play.

You've never heard of the actors. A third of the film is in Hindi. Much of it takes place in the most fetid, poverty-ridden corners of the Indian subcontinent, and most of it isn't nice. Yet this sprawling, madly romantic fairy-tale epic is the kind of deep-dish audience-rouser we've long given up hoping for from Hollywood. "Slumdog" is a soaring return to form for director Danny Boyle ("Trainspotting"), but mostly it's just a miracle of mainstream pop moviemaking - the sort of thing modern filmmakers aren't supposed to make anymore. Except they just did.

A contestant on India's version of "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire revisits his past while exploring the game's questions.

Usually after I see a movie I review it, this time I write about it before I see it. As soon as it plays locally, I'm going!!

I will look for that one, Millie. I still like DWTS and Boston Legal is a good show, most of the time. I enjoy Dirty,Sexy Money just to see what they will do next!
Millie, I LOVE MAD MEN. My husband and I are just catching up on it now. We rented the DVD's of the first season, which we are almost done watching. We can't believe some of the things we see in it, like kids with no seatbelts, kids playing with plastic bags over their heads, adults disciplining children that aren't their own, and a workplace that is downright crazy filled with sexual harassment! We wish we knew if all that stuff really went on. We weren't anywhere close to even being born at that time, so we have no clue.

Anyway, we love Mad Men too. I wish men still wore hats like that. So sexy.

Thanks for the film preview! I will definitely look for this movie. I sure hope Bollywood puts out Hollywood endings because already I want the kid to win the million!

I guess I will have to wait for the DVD as I still can't hear well enough to go the the theater. It looks like it will be worth the wait. Let us know your take after you see it.

I've been watching repeats of Boston Legal and some of them are enjoyable. The cast members put the show across.
Haven't seen Dirty, Sexy Money - will look for it.

Purple Car
Believe me, some of that stuff really happened.
Wait until yiou see the second season! - They didn't respect or acknowledge the talent that women had.

"Slumdog Millionaire" starts in the Boston area December 16. I'll be in Florida at that time and hope to see it there.

Once I see it, will review it.
You've certainly sold me, Millie. As soon as Slumdog Millionaire shows here, you can bet my husband and I will be there! Thanks for the pointer! (I was thinking of you during my recent vacation in Florida. In the shopping centers I'd wonder "where was that Millie goes during winter?" and I'd half look for you. We were in Ft. Myers and Key West, plus the beachs on the Atlantic side going up to Orlando.)
Like you, I enjoy 'Who wants to be a millionaire' but I bet it's much harder to answer the questions if you're sitting in the hot seat than when you're at home.
That film sounds good. I wonder if it will be shown in France.
The movie sounds like it is going to be just great. If we didn't live at opposite ends of the country, I would say, "Hey Millie, I'll pick you up and we will go to this winner together." No such luck unless one of us has enough money for a personal jet like those CEO's of the Auto Makers.

I like the idea of you and me going to see that movie together, that would be great!!

But as you said, we don't have the jets that those CEO's used to take them to Washington.

And anyway, even if we had the money for the jets, we would put that money to better use.
I just watched The Kite Runner on DVD (I'd read the book) and that was a wonderful and uplifting movie. I agree that Mad Men is most thought provoking. I also like The Closer although it is on hiatus. As for re-runs I will always sit through another "As Time Goes By"
Thanks Millie for reminding me about "Mad Men. My daughter and her husband had told me about this show but I forgot to watch it. I checked and it seems that my Comcast cable has season two of Mad Men on On Demand.
Thanks for sharing about this movie, Millie. Gosh, it looks terrific! I'll be watching for it.
I love Mad Men, but unfortunately I always forget when it's on and I miss a lot of episodes, but it's really great.
I'm smiling at Purple Car's comment....ah yup, those things really DID go on. I raised my kids in the 60's with no seatbelts, not knowing the dangers of those plastic cleaners bags and some of us EVEN smoked in the house (like they do on that show) with children inhaling that smoke. Ah yes......the old days?

I read "The Kite Runner" and was pleased on how they put that book on the screen. Same goes for "The Pearl" ( I think that was the name of the book - The movie adaptation was equally good.

Another book that I enjoyed was "The House of Sand and Fog" which was made into a great movie.
Very much like the book.


I'm glad to hear that you can see the second season of "Mad Men" on Comcast! It will be good for you to get acquainted with the characters before the next season starts.

They are an interesting bunch of people!


Read Chancy's comment - if you have Comcast - On Demand you will be able to catch up on the goings on with the cast of "Mad Men."


You are absolutely right - it's easy to be smart when you are seating in the comfort of your own home! ;-)
I really like Mad Men too! I am very impressed to see a blog by a senior keeping the mind sharp! Retirement doesn't mean the end of life as we know it. You are setting a great example for other seniors and hope to see alot more individuals like you blogging on the net.
Coincidentally, I've been watching some movies about India recently, too. May write about them later. I'll have to add this one you mention to my list.

I'm partial to Boston Legal -- it's so over the top funny, but they do bring up some topics to make us think.
Thanks for sharing about this movie, Millie. I really like Mad Men too =]
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