Sunday, December 28, 2008
I've only been down in Florida less than three weeks and have already seen some good movies and a wonderful one man show.

A BOY - "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"

Some of my friends chose not to see the movie because they knew it was about the holocaust. True, the theme is about a terrible time in history.

There have been many films that tell the story in different ways, always difficult to see but never the less, worth seeing.

This time it's seen through the eyes of an eight year old. boy. He befriends an eight year old boy who is in a concentration camp.

He has no idea of what is going on but sees some things that he questions. To give you an example of one such moment: the family has a prisoner working in the parents home as a servant. One day the boy falls and injures himself, the servant tells the boy that he is a doctor and knows just what to do.

That day the boy sees the prisoner peeling potatoes and questions his parents, "why would he chose to peel potatoes if he is a doctor?"

If you do see this movie, be prepared for a shocking ending.


I've never owned a pet, but I must say I thoughly enjoyed this movie. The movie is about Work, Play, Fun, Love and a Dog!!

The movie was largely filmed in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. I particularly enjoyed some scenes that took place in Boca Raton which is a short disance from where I live.

The cast was great! It's the first time that I saw an appealing Owen Wilson act in a film where he was not just a silly guy. Jennifer Aniston was his devoted and understanding wife.

I was pleasently surprised to see Alan Arkin as Owen's editor at the Sun-Sentinal, that's the paper I read here in Florida.

And another surprise was Kathleen Turner as a dog trainer! If I hadn't heard her voice I would not have recognized her.

Enough said.

If you feel like a fun movie, this is it!


Over the years I have seen Mike Burstyn at least three times. Has he gotten better over time, or has my appreciation of his talent grown? I think it's the latter.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Mike, his father, Pesach Burstyn and mother, Lillian Lux were stars in the Yiddish theatre. He shared the stage with them at the age of three and stole the show!

He has performed on Broadway in "Barnum", "The Rothchilds", "Jolson" and will be doing a show on Broadway, "Lansky."

Mike sings, acts, tells jokes and is a storyteller. Whatever he does, he has the audience in the palm of his hand. Speaking of hands, I was aware of how he was using his hands to get the message across.

After he did his final number the audience yelled out in unison, "MORE." And, he did MORE.

I feel privileged to have seen Mike Burstyn again and to have shared that experience with the audience.

You make FL sound like an exciting place to live, Millie! I want to see Marley and Me and the one about the holocaust sounds good - but I worry about the ending. I can't handle sad right now.
Thank you for the movie revues. I think I am with Kenju about handling sad right now. I rarely cry, but find myself tearing up easily these days.
Dear Millie....
You make me smile so often. Thank you! And thanks for the movie revues.
When I read that you have never owned a pet, it shocked me!
Maybe a little dog would add even MORE spice to your already happy life!
We have always had pets....we live on a farm....2 dogs, 3 cats, 12 hens, 50 cows, 2 goats, etc.!
Only the dogs are true pets, the rest are farm animals. Our main farm product is natural beef.
We did have a kitten as a pet for a very short time when I was little. I had a neighbor friend who was a BAD boy. He told me we had to teach the cat how to fly, so we had to toss it up in the air. He did the tossing. From then on the cat always hid behind the refrigerator. We did not have that cat for long.

We also had a gerbil as a pet. The wheel made a sqeaky noise so my father put it down th basement. One day I went to see it and it was gone. My mom and dad told me it escaped. From that day I was always wondering if it was in the basement somewhere. Years later, and I mean YEARS later, they told me that it had died and they threw it in the trash. They should have told me that back then.

By the way, Movie review is spelled R E V I E W.
Ha! Point well taken. My brain was not in gear when my fingers typed "revue"
I see now why you didn't have other pets!!
And while I am "talking" to you, Steve....I love your videos with Millie.
Thanks for your reviews of those two movies Millie.
It is nice to read a review from a *real* person rather than a professional movie critic.

Bear((( )))
Sounds like being a snow bird is the life of Riley for remember him don't you? I usually wait for movies on DVD,but did see Australia a few weeks ago because I wanted to the see the scenery of that lovely country on the big screen. The acting was pretty good especially the little boy, the story was somewhat predictable and the directing and scene setting were somewhat disappointing.
Millie, you sure are busy when in Florida! ;) Thanks for all these reviews.
I will definitely go and see The boy in the striped pyjamas.
Continue enjoying the mild weather and the fun and may 2009 bring you all kinds of happiness and health
Wishing you a very blessed New Year! Love ya.
Oh, that movie about the holocaust sounds very good. I'll have to watch for it eventually on Netflix. I'd like to see that. I'll pass on Marley and Me......I read the book and thought it was excellent. However, I sobbed at the ending and having lost my Holly less than two years ago, I don't want to put myself through that again.
Just wanted to pop by and wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR for tomorrow! All the best in the year to come for you, Millie.
A happy new year to you Millie
I read the book, "Marley and Me" and commented on it on my blog last year. I want to see the movie as well.
Since you liked the movie you would probably enjoy the book even more.

Happy New Year.
spolysheThanks to all of you for your New Year's wishes!

Yes, I remember Riley, glad to follow in his footsteps.

Bear Naked
I feel like you do about hearing from a friend about a movie rather than a paid professional movie critic.

Was thinking of you when I saw "Marley and Me" and thought that movie would be to difficult and upsetting for you to see since you lost your "Holly."

Funny, how even though I never had a pet, I enjoyed the movie very much.

What a timely comment you made - It just so happens I'll be going to the libaray today and will pick up a copy of "Marley and Me."
Glad you're having fun Millie!!!!

Happy New Year!!!
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