Friday, December 12, 2008
Down in Florida, Getting Settled
Hi everyone! We're down in Florida and I'm posting this batch of photos I took while we get my mom settled.

Mom Goes to Florida

Waiting for the flight at Logan Airport while reading the Boston Globe G section.

Mom Goes to Florida on jetBlue

Good bye cold weather!

Publix has a great bakery

Publix has a great bakery.

Got her Carriage Back

You've got to watch your basket though. My mom's got stolen!

There's the Guy that Took My Carriage

We turned around and my mom's carriage was gone! We finally found it. This guy took it and walked away. Thought it was his.

Chevy Impala Has Lots of Trunk Room for Groceries and Luggage

Chevy Impala Has Lots of Trunk Room for Groceries and Luggage.

Macbook connected to Comcast

To connect a new modem on Comcast, after hooking it up to the computer, call Comcast and they'll turn it on for you.

Don't bother with the installation disk or website.

Yeungling goes with Coca-Cola Wine Glass

My mom's condo does not have a wide selection of glassware. Carol is forced to drink wine from a Coca-Cola glass.


Relaxing with a Yeungling. I love it, can't get it in Boston. Part of the reason I love it.

Stay tuned for more from Florida.

Comments: look as good in Florida as you do up here!!!! Glad to see you and your "crew" made it safe!!!!!!!
iauntiel (lisa)
Hi Millie, You look great in Florida doing chores. God Bless Carol and Steve. What a Blessing to have help settling in. You missed an ice storm. Many people have lost power in the western part of the State of Massachusetts. We are in fact in a State of Emergency.
I can hardly wait till Jan. to see you in Florida.So for now I'll wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year 2009 See you next year. Your friend always Love Nanci
I just love your blog and your "I can't open it" videos, Millie. Have a fun time in FL!
Millie, I am glad you got there safely and I look forward to your tales this winter.

(I have a 12 pack of Yeungling in my fridge now!)
Congrats on getting back to Florida. Looks like Steve and Carol were a great help to you.
What a great idea to post these photos! You all look great. Have a great time in Florida, Millie!
Thanks for keeping your mom's fans posted.
Now as a "confessed cart stealer", I had to smile at your comment about the missing cart. Our town is small and our market has narrow aisles so sometimes it is easier to park the cart, grab what is needed and bring it to the cart. I have put things in someone else's cart and I have also picked up and strolled off with another person's groceries.
Poor Man! I understand him perfectly. Grocery shopping often requires a sense of humor which is something that I know you inherited from that great mom of yours.

Thanks for your kind words.

As far as a sense of humor goes, you really need one EVERY WHERE you go in Florida.

People are very impatient down here - Especially on the road and at the malls.

If you don't have a sense of humor, your sunk!
Oh, Millie, Millie.....poor Carol! Forced to drink WINE from a coke glass? (chuckling here) That's almost as bad as drinking it from a Styrofoam cup!
I DO hope Santa brings some wine glasses to your condo for Carol's sake.
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