Saturday, December 20, 2008
Jury Duty Almost Kept Steve in Massachusetts
A week before Steve was preparing to leave for Florida he received a notice for jury duty and had to report to the court house.

Jury Duty

The judge that qualifies the jurors explained that she is very tough and would not put up with any flimsy excuses. (It was going to be a murder trial.)

When it was Steve's turn to explain why he could not serve, he said, "I'm planning to take my 83 year old mother to Florida and help her open up her condo and get settled ." The Judge said, "you are excused."

One day last week a friend called and asked if I would like to join her for breakfast the next morning. Well, I am not an early bird and don't really care to go out to breakfast. I haven't seen this friend since last winter since she lives in Chicago, was anxious to get together so I agreed to meet her at a new breakfast place. They offer a $3.29 breakfast special until 11:00am.

The special includes two extra large eggs, oatmeal served with raisins and brown sugar or home fries, bagel, cream cheese and coffee.

No sooner did we get seated when two ladies were seated near-by. They looked vaguely familiar to me but I couldn't place them. My friend looked over at that table and immediately recognized them!

Sedona Red Rocks

We meet them three years ago at Senior Summer School in Flagstaff, Arizona. One lady lives in Florida and the other lives in New York! What a wonderful time we had catching up and reminiscing about our great time at Flagstaff.

That experience reminds me once again of my mother's expression, "If you don't go out, nothing happens." If I didn't go out to breakfast that morning I would have missed an opportunity to renew friendships with two lovely ladies!

How lovely!!!!!! Glad you had fun!!!!

And yeah, I gotta start listening to your mother. Trouble is, when I do go out, nothing happens. Maybe I need change something . . .
Isn't it great when that happens? Thanks to my daughter, I went out 26 years ago and crossed paths with a great old friend I hadn't seen in 18 years!!
Millie, I needed to hear that.
Just hate to get out lately.
Especially this cold cold weather.
Wonder if I get out today "if anything will happen".
Enjoy Florida. Wish I was there.
Is there a condo for rent in your area!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like you're having a great time settling back into Florida life. That's terrific.
We're "over the border" this week to spend Christmas on St. Simons Island in Georgia. Mighty cold this morning with the front that came through, but warming up tomorrow.
Happy Holidays to you, Millie
Millie, looks like your Florida stay started really well! Your mother was right, stay at home and nothing will happen! Enjoy the holiday season.
Wow! It is well that you were able to figure out who the other "breakfasters" were.

By the way, Millie, for an unseasonal sunflower, you might check out my posting, Christmas plant

And, with all that was going on, I think you missed Sunflower for Millie, last July.
Cop Car
I seem to remember reading a post you made a while ago about considering moving to a new place.

A new place, new people and new oportunities - hope that happens for you.

Yes, there are many places for rent or sale down here and there is no snow!

Cop Car
Say, that is the most unique Christmas plant, love it! And you are right, I missed that July post that you put up - nice photo of my favorite flower!
Merry Christmas little lady. Hope it's wonderful and filled with the Love of Christ, joy, peace and great memeories.
It is a small world after all. I have had similar experiences. Once, when on vacation in Hawaii, my husband and I were startled when someone called his name. It was the mayor of our town and his wife and neither of us knew beforehand that the other couple were in Hawaii.

As for getting out, well---------It isn't going to happen for me for a while.
Happy Holidays!
Oh Millie I love your Mom's expression "If you don't go out, nothing happpens."

I am going to remember to use that one.

Happy New Year
Millie, That Boston judge's response to Steve was so perfect. Restored my faith in the judiciary to have heart!
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