Sunday, December 07, 2008
It seems that every year before I take off for Florida, it snows. I'll be heading South on Thursday and wouldn't you know it, it snowed this morning.

Photo by Grandpa Kato on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND

The trees and shrubs look beautiful, the roads are clear and there is no heavy accumulation. This gives me an inkling of what's coming to the Northeast. Today's snow does not require a snow shovel or a snow-plow, but the time will come.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to Florida. It could be cool, it could be cold, it could rain, it could be hot but one thing for sure, it won't snow!

The closer I come to the departure date the more I think about previous winters spent there with my husband and the years I've spent there as a widow.

My husband and I were in our mid sixties when we started spending our winters down South. If there was a show to see, an outdoor concert to go to, a course to take, a dance to attend or a new area to explore, we were there!

I think we took just about every class that our community offered.

My husband even took flower arranging and Mah Jongg!

In later years we slowed down a bit but still were very active.

Florida - West Palm Palm Beach: CityPlace

Now, as a widow, I have slowed down a lot. Now I still go to the shows at my complex but not as often as I did years ago. I haven't taken any classes but I still go to outdoor concerts, go to the flea market, the movies, relax at the pool, and play Mah Jongg.

Every season is different, the past few winters some of my friends have not been able to come down. Things change.

Jet Blue on the way to Ft. Lauderdale

I'm lucky, I'm still able to pack my bags (still taking too much stuff) get away for the winter and enjoy the sunshine!

My next post will be from sunny Florida.

My sunglasses and bathing suits are ready!!

yes, things do change. i admire the even way you talk about that. like the comment you left at on making choices about where to live.

though i'd tried several times to get conversation going on my blog about this, a very compelling issue for me, it was not till this time that there was an intense response. so choose where we live in late life will be a regular topic at my site. i look forward to more of your insights.

stay warm till you leave, yours, naomi
I just came in from walking my dog, here in Jamaica Plain. The wind is so bitter. I dread another winter. Have a wonderful time in Florida, Millie!
Millie, look forward to hearing from you, even if it is across the miles. Have a safe trip and hurry back up north !!!!!!!
lisa (iauntiel)
I wish I could go with you, Millie. I cannot abide cold weather and our fall has been colder than usual. Be safe in your trip and have a good winter in FL.
Bon Voyage, Millie!!!! You were lucky -- we got a bunch of snow here in Ohio! I hope ou have a great time!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe its been a year already! Have a wonderful, wonderful trip!!!!!

I look forward to post from the sunshine state!
Have fun down there this winter!

Because nothing ever stays the same, I'm looking forward to the reported changes in Florida.
Have a safe trip! I look forward to your posts from FLA!!
Safe trip Millie.
Millie, I so admire you for moving like this every winter, but I understand how the snow in Massachusetts must be difficult to live with. Have a nice trip! Looking forward to reading your adventures in sunny Florida!
Happiness all the winter long in sunny Florida! You're right NO SNOW down here.
You've used my photo (the flower arranging pic) without permission. Please refrain from stealing photos. Or at least ask for permission before using. Especially when it's captioned with at © sign.
@Roger Cullman

Sorry. I removed your photo from the blog post. I did not read the caption. It was an honest mistake.

I never use anything that is copyright without asking. I use creative commons photos that allow reuse. In those cases you do not have to ask.

I posted that photo for my mom. You have it listed on Flickr with a Creative Commons license.


Your photo comes up in a search for photos that can be used without asking permission.

On the photo's page there's an EMBED THIS button you can click where Flickr gives anyone the ability to embed your photo on their blog.

You need to change the permission on your account to Copyright.
Bon Voyage and have a safe trip to the sunny south.
Looking forward to *hearing * about your fun times there.

Bear((( )))
Have a wonderful time in Florida.
I have thoughts of this for the winter instead of thoughts of building a small home on country property. If I find the right place - I may do it.
You make me smile. Enjoy another winter.
Safe travels Millie - oh yes, how things change and how important gratitude is for what we have. Enjoy the warmth and sun of Florida, it is really cold here in Minnesota.
Hi Naomi

I tried to leave a comment on your blog, it didn't go through so here are some more thoughts about decisions we have to make.

Children mean well when they make suggestions about where their parents should live.

Only the people that have to make that decision know what's best for them. ( if they are mentally capable.)

Two examples: A woman in her late 70's moved into my complex because her daughter wanted mother near her. Daughter worked full time and didn't drive. Her mother didn't have any friends here and was unfamiliar with the area. Eventually she moved to a senior housing complex.

A widower moved here from N.Y. to be near his son. It didn't take to long before the son moved to ENGLAND.

You and Ronni started a conversation that will be very helpful to a lot of us.

I'll be following your posts from sunny Florida.

Good luck!

Thanks to all of you for your good warm wishes!
I'll keep you posted.
Stay well and stay warm
Hi.......My son sent me your blog and said I might be interested in reading it. Great to see another about my age, still spending winters in Florida, blogging and enjoying life.

I lived in Barefoot Bay, FL, 16 mile North of Vero Beach for 12 1/2 years. When my husband became ill, we moved back to our home town to be near our youngest son and family.

It is icy and cold today, here in Illinois, so enjoy the sunshine and keep blogging.
Welcome back to Florida, Millie. And OH I bet you're glad to be out of Mass. now.....ALL that snow up there in the past week! My daughter in Billerica is already so disgusted and winter just officially began.
Best to you with happy holidays and a very healthy and happy 2009.
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