Sunday, January 25, 2009
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The Weather

We've had a cold spell here in Florida. Last week morning temperatures were in the 30's and 40's, afternoon temperatures reached the mid 60's. According to the weather man, it hasn't been this cold in six years!

My Health
Cold by Aeioux, on Flickr CC BY-NC [ Note: Not Millie Pictured in photo ]

Attention doctors: Old people say they feel better when it's warm out. I can attest to that - this past week I have been aching all over. When I first came down to Florida it was warm and I felt great, can't wait for that good weather to return!


The other day I dropped into the library at my clubhouse. They don't have current best sellers but there is plenty to choose from. I picked up "Sea Glass" by Anita Shreve. The story takes place in a New England seaside town in 1929 and she recounts how the characters are effected by the times.

I finished the book in two days!


Finally got to see "Slumdog Millionaire" - One reviewer referred to the movie as "seriocomedy." No way was it, in any way, a comedy! I found it very disturbing to see such extreme poverty. If you do go, be sure to stay for the credits, they were a pleasant surprise!


Without a doubt all the cast members of Doubt deserve an award for their performances! In the opening scene Phillip Seymour Hoffman, as a priest, gives a sermon - I was hooked right away. Meryl Streep can do anything, in this film she's a nun. Boy is she tough. Fortunately I never had a teacher like her!

Freddie Roman

Tonight I'm going to my clubhouse to see a master comic, Freddie Roman. Freddie was a hit on Broadway in the play, "Catskills on Broadway." He's performed all over the world and tonight as the comics like to say, "tonight I've really made it big, I'm at Kings Point."

That always gets a laugh and I sure could use one tonight!!

Sounds like you've been busy and having fun, Millie! I am glad for you!!!!

I don't like the cold much either so I've been hibernating. These bones ache a lot.
Millie, I hate the cold too and I know how you feel!

I read Sea Glass and loved it, but I like all of Shreve's books.

I want to see Doubt, too. Thanks for the review.
Brr. For Florida those temps are really cold.

I want to see a silly comedy instead of anything serious like "Slumdog" I am considering going to see "Mall Cop" with Kevin James.,who for years was the tv star of "King Of Queens" The review said "Mall Cop" is funny
I will probably wait until they come out on DVD, but am intrigued by both films. Jealous of the warm weather. My hubby is in Hawaii and sending me the same type of weather reports!!! Bad snow and ice today up here and 5 have been killed thus far due to this ice storm.
I hope the winter lets up on you. -Enough is enough!

A few years ago I read "The Pilots Wife" by Shreve and loved it too. Next time I get to the library I'll look for more of her books.

I feel like you do, time for a funny movie. I'll watch for "Mall Cop." I always enjoyed Kevin James in his TV series, be interesting to see what he does with this part.

I've always enjoyed being in Florida in the winter but this season I am particularly happy being in sunshine land. I feel for you!
I have not seen "Doubt," but I have no "doubt" that I've had a teacher like Streep's character, in my 13 years of Catholic school. Some of those women were downright mean. (But others were wonderful).

I loved Slumdog Millionaire but agree with you that in no way was it a comedy. I loved the little kids. It showed that kids can be joyful in the most extreme of situations.

I definitely have NO desire to visit India!
It's 51* here today and I will not complain after reading Kay's post on Ohio weather. However, that it cold for us. It was freezing last night and I lost what plant had survived the last freeze. If they can't take extreme cold or heat they don't belong in my yard.
Oh, Sea Glass it just one great book by Anita Shreve, read her Fortune's Rock -- it's better. And it is the first time she mentions the same house on the ocean...
Except for pretty cold weather, it looks like you are having a good time. I have been wondering about Slumdog millionnaire... but I think it must be interesting! You whetted my appetite with your remark about the credits.
As for Meryll Streep, I just find her amazing. I think she could act in anything and be good!
It's being an incredibly cold winter here too. And I agree, muscles and bones ache more when it's cold!
Lots of hugs
A number of years ago while on a cruise the ship stopped at some islands where I saw "poverty" but nothing like what I saw in the movie that took place in India.

Like you said, "I don't want to go there either."

We are still having a cold spell but it's warm here compared to what's going on up north!

Thanks for recommending "Fortune's Roc." I'll pick it up next time I'm at the library.

I am always happy when I spend the winter in Florida but this winter I am particularly delighted because of the severe winter up north.

It's still "cool" here but the "fun" goes on!!
All you folks with achy bones should come here to the southwest. Our dry air is good for bones; I have all kinds of arthritis and I rarely ache since I left the humid east. Thanks for the thumbs up on DOUBT. It's still on my list to see. You think I could fit it in before Sunday's Academy Awards? Both Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Merle Streep are favorites of mine.
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