Friday, February 27, 2009
Even though money was tight in the thirties, when it came to doing any interior painting the families that I knew hired a painter. I guess it was before the "do it yourself era."

When it came time to put on a fresh coat of paint my parents engaged a "paintner." That's correct, my parents called the man "paintner."

He came, looked the place over and quoted a price for his labor and the paint. Once that was agreed upon the next big thing was to chose the color of the paint. I was included in that decision making.

Yellow Kitchen Dec 07
Yellow Kitchen Dec 07 by lindabutterfly, on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA

The kitchen was going to be yellow with green accents. The bathroom was to be painted green.

The day the "paintner" came I went off to school and when I returned he was gone, the job was done. The kitchen was yellow with green accents. The bathroom was a hideous PINK!! (I still remember that awful color)

Ma, "What happened?" - The "paintner ran out of GREEN paint." And that's how it remained until the next paint job.

The same "paintner" had a job in the upstairs apartment. The job was the same as what we had done - the kitchen and the bathroom. There was one exception.

In those days you could not replace a toilet seat with a new one. As I'm typing this it just occurred to me that maybe you could, but the people could not afford to buy a new one so "the paintner" would put a fresh coat of paint on the seat!

The Squishy-Seated Toilet (Pink)
"The Squishy-Seated Toilet (Pink) by Vicious Bits, on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA

Well, the girl who lived in that apartment went to work that day, came home in the evening and not knowing exactly what was done, went to the bathroom and sat down on that freshly painted toilet seat!!!

That "paintner" surprised us with "Pink" and turned her face "Red."

Millie, you remind me of the time back in the 60's, when I was hardly more than a newlywed, and I wanted to freshen up (cheaply) the bathroom in our first home. I applied floral Contact paper to the walls and I cut out some of the flowers and stuck them to the toilet seat. When mr. kenju came home, he declared that he "just couldn't" sit on flowers, and I had to remove them. LOL
When I was young it was up to my dad to do the decorating because hiring it done was not in the budget. He could paint and wallpaper with the best of them. I have a picture when I was in grade school showing part of our living room walls. The wallpaper was flowers. the curtains different flowers, and the sofa cover was another pattern of flowers. I think my mother was behind picking the materials for this catastrophe because my father had better taste.
Millie, that is so funny and I love the example photos.
I remember when my husband and I bought our first house, a small brick ranch. Of all things, one of the two baths had purple tub, lavatory and toilet. Yuck. but we were young and poor and we lived with the purple.

Then our next house had an aqua kitchem. Stove, oven, washer and dryer.

Remember back then there was lots of color in houses.
My worst painting disaster was not on the interior. I picked what I thought was going to be desert tan for the outside of my house. It had a slight pinkish cast, but that was fine. Unfortunately, that pinkish cast became pink when applied to the walls. After it was finished I asked my neighbor, who would have to look at it every day, what he thought of my new color. He replied, "Well, I guess we can get used to it." I doubt that he ever did.
millie, those colors are so evocative of both spaces. "cheery" was the idea for the kitchen, i believe. the bathroom? always supposed to be a pastel hue. once in one that was pink and black--including a black toilet. many were impressed!
My dad and mom did our painting. I did our painting when I was married. I'm living with the off-white walls my landlord had when I moved in. I like them because my many pictures look nice against it.
Nothing like a toilet story to get a giggle out of me! I can just imagine getting up from the seat! (lol)
Our toilet seats were made of wood; so, of course they needed an occasional coat of paint--our scrubbing of the seats, eventually, wore through the enamel paint.

My folks always did the wallpapering, together. The only woodwork that was ever painted was in kitchen or bath--other rooms had stained woodwork. The first painted wall that I lived with was one that I painted myself, after stripping off the wallpaper, in a rental house.

I once painted a "powder room" soft yellow, finding that it was rather bright when it dried.

Mostly, through the years, I've done my own interior painting; but, little exterior painting. I could never justify the expense of labor, to myself!
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