Sunday, February 08, 2009
The Subject is "BIRTHDAYS"
This weekend I had the pleasure of sharing in the celebration of my friend Nanci's birthday. We had dinner at the well known Kee Grille in Boca Raton. I finally had the opportunity to have Chilean Sea Bass which is not featured at most of the restaurants that I go to. Delicious!!

Great atmosphere, good service, fine food and most of all good company!

Since we were there to celebrate a birthday the conversation turned to "Birthdays."

Sweet 16 Cupcakes
Sweet 16 Cupcakes by clevercupcakes, on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND

Some of the girls shared their special birthday memories. The "girls" talked about their sweet sixteen parties. One girl had her party at a country club, another at a hotel and still another had her party at home where her mother took all the furniture out of the living room so there was room for dancing!

Me, I didn't have a party. I was a depression baby, times were tough - just getting food on the table and paying the rent was top priority. My friends and I were in the same boat so we didn't feel deprived.

The only thing I remember about my birthdays as a child was a special time when my family went on a day trip and my aunt brought a birthday cake for me.

A Strawberry Shortcake For You!
A Strawberry Shortcake For You! by Smaku, on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND

Other times I remember my mother making my favorite strawberry shortcake for my birthday. It's still my favorite cake!!

Today when my birthday rolls around Steve and Carol take me on a mystery ride, I never know where I'm going, could be near-by or it could be out-of-state. Half the fun is speculating about where the finally destination is.

Once in a blue moon I figure out where we are heading!

What special memories do you have about past birthdays? For my "girl" readers, did you have a "Sweet Sixteen" party?"

Now speaking of birthdays, it just so happens that it's Steve's birthday, so I want to wish him "A Very Happy Birthday."

Millie I too was a "Depression Baby" so I never had a party, or a cake. I cannot remember any of my girlfriends having birthday parties either so I guess I did not feel deprived.
Happy Birthday, Steve!!

Millie, my mom was not the party giving type, so I never had a birthday party at all. I don't mind - since I always got nice presents from my parents.
Happy birthday to Steve!

My birthday is two weeks before Christmas. My mother was great about not letting that get in the way of making the birthday special. Sometimes I had a birthday party, sometime it was just family. It's funny, but I don't remember if I had a sweet sixteen party or not, so I guess not. If I did, it was just a house party. That I'm sure of.

The funny thing is that it's as an adult that I don't find time during that busy holiday season to bother with my birthday. Can't blame Mom or anyone for that!
Millie, I didn't grow up having birthday parties either.
As I read your story, I was thinking about all the different ways strawberry shortcake must be made. How 'bout sharing your version and maybe others will share theirs?
Happy, Happy Birthday, Steve. May you have many, many more.

I had a birthday party for my 12th birthday. That is the only one I remember. I did not have a sweet sixteen party, but got my first wrist watch as a present. I will never forget that.

As you know, Millie, we are the same age so I was a depression kid too.
I was not a depression baby, but I can only remember two birthday parties when I was a child (one of which I had to plan myself) and even fewer events as an adult---just going out to dinner---nothing special. I am a little sad about that, but I guess that is the way life is.
First --Happy Birthday to Steve. In all honesty I can't remember my 16th birthday. That was 58 years ago. But I do remember my mom making sure that all us kids had cake and ice cream on our birthdays. The last few years my children if they weren't working have come to help me celebrate every year.
It was my birthday on Saaturday. I too came from a family that could not afford one of those extravagant Sweet 16th Birthdays. I do remember having parties as a young child and then sleep-overs in my tween years.

It is fun to remember old times.
Yeah, I don't recall ever having a party, or a cake, or any of my friends having either. Life was not easy in those days -- no "Sweet 16." I don't recall feeling deprived as that just seemed to be the way it was.

Strawberries are my addiction and strawberry shortcake a favorite. Those photos make my mouth water!

Belated "Happy Birthday" to Steve!

You asked for my version of strawberry shortcake.

First I'll tell you what it is not: Not on a biscuit, Not Cool Whip or cream from a can!

I don't bake anymore so if I do make it, it's a bought sponge cake, fresh strawberries and REAL whipped cream.

That's it, nice and easy!
The birthdays that I recall:
18th - Mom mailed her wonderful chocolate birthday cake to me in college, to share with my friends.
21st - 8 1/2 months pregnant, I walked up the street to buy my husband a six-pack of beer, and made pizza (a first!) for dinner.
40th - Took a couple of sips of beer--first and only ones--and tried rhubarb pie (which I loved!)
43rd - First day on a new job, in a new state--Florida.
44th - On a business trip, one of my employees had a cabin attendant bring me champagne and a cupcake (he thought better of having her sing "Happy Birthday" on the intercom!)
57th - Had a (benign) breast biopsy. A nurse brought me a baloon.
Cop Car
Millie no parties for this one woman either. Sad if I think about it. Your deserts look wonderful.
I did send him a twit for his birthday! But I bet he gets so many tweets that he might not even have noticed ;)
I can't remember any great birthdays when I was a girl. I'll have to think about this. It might be a good blog subject!
Anyway, you seem to have a wonderful time in Florida this year!
Those cupcakes look completely delicious! Yummy!
I never had a "Sweet 16". I only had one birthday party with friends. It was when I turned 7. However, my mom always made sure we had cake and icecream for our birthday. I have a brother (8 years younger) whose bithday is the same day as mine, April 1st (April Fools Day). Our birthday was hard to forget and was the subject of many a joke.

PS. I hope Steve had a Happy Birthday!
Oh, and by the way, the way you make your strawberry shortcake is exactly the way my mom makes hers. I was an adult before I realized some people make it with a biscuit. I like the pound cake better.
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