Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's been a cool, sunny and dry month. I'm not the pool person that I was years ago so having temperatures in the high 60's and low 70's is just fine with me.

The only time I have gone to the pool this month is on a Monday when I play Mah-Jongg. It's pleasant to sit by the pool, relax and try to win some money. We play for $5.00, that's all you can lose. One day I was the big winner, $3.50!


It's advisable to have a doctor down here just in case you need help. When I came down this winter I found that my doctor had retired. I asked around and a few friends referred me to someone nearby that they were happy with. I called to make an appointment and was told to come in one half hour before the appointed time so I could fill out a seven page form.

Sure enough it took me a half hour to fill out this detailed form. Before I saw the doctor a nurse came into the examing room and went over the questionnaire with me. When she asked me, "do you drink" - I couldn't resist and said, "not often enough."

I was told by my friends that the doctor "LISTENS" and sure enough he does. It's a good thing because I would hate like heck having to start all over again with another doctor.

Speaking of health I was talking to a friend of mine recently, she told me about something that could help people with arthritis -

Golden raisins
"Golden raisins by pbev, on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND

Take one package of golden raisins and put them in a pint of vodka, place in the refigerator and let stand for a week - then take a drink every so often!! She was serious!! Have you ever heard of this?

See:Do Gin-Soaked Raisins Really Help Arthritis Pain?


Last month I wrote about how much I enjoyed reading "Sea Glass" by Anita Shreve. Holly Nappo Collins left a comment recommending "Fortune's Rock" by the same author. I read it in short order! At one point it had me close to tears! What a surprise ending!!


I haven't been to the movies as much as I would have liked this month.

The one movie I saw was "Last Chance Harvey." The reviews were so-so. The people that I spoke to that saw the movie thought it was pleasant, I thought it was great!!

Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson were terrific in their roles. I don't think it's a movie that young people would appreciate - but surely people of a certain age could relate to some of the goings on in this movie.


Photo courtesy Academy Awards

The academy awards!! I hope they are over before midnight!!

You are a very busy person. I do not think that raisins and gin would be much of help.Played Mahjong with friends last Saturday evening for the first time in years and it was pretty silly since none of us could remember how to play it! You need to stop by and giveus a lesson or two.
The guy from "The People's Pharmacy" has published many testimonials for the gin-soaked raisins. I tried it once, but I couldn't limit myself to 9 a day! LOL

I've never played mahjong, but I'd like to learn.

Did you watch all the Oscars, Millie?
Oh Millie, what a great sense of humor you have. I'll be the nurse cracked up when you said, "Not often enough."

On someone else's blog I told about a 92 year old friend when asked that question, told her doctor that she had a vodka martini at 5 pm every day of her life and she wasn't going to stop now. He thought he should advise all of his patients to follow her prescription because it seemed to work. ;-)

Can't wait to try the raisins and gin remedy for arthritis, even if it doesn't work it will be fun trying.;-)

If I lived in your neck of the woods I'd be right over to get you going with the pleasures of Mah-Jongg.

Is there a community center or temple near by that might have Mah-Jongg classes?


Yes, I saw the Award show last night and thought it was one of the best ever.

Hugh Jackman was outstanding and having movie stars honor the nominees was the greatest idea!! They should do that every year.


Since you appreciate my sense of humor I think you will get a kick out of another form I had to fill out recently.

In order to be eligible to win a prize I had to check off one of the following:

Single - Married - Co-Habit

There was no "Widow" listed so for the fun of it I checked off "Co-Habit."

That gave me a laugh. ;-)
Millie I am smiling at all the comments. I will add I read both of the books you commented about.
They were good. Take care.
With the gin soaked raisins you eat a few raisins every now and again. I suppose the gin helps too but it is the soaked raisins that are what really help.
I'm willing to try the gin soaked raisins - once I get the raisins and gin :) hey it can't hurt and it may help and I'm sure it is tasty

from snowed in Long Island ...
about that gin and raisin idea...even if it doesn't help, drink enough and you're care a little less maybe.
I know the reviews said 'so so' about Last Chance Harvey, but I too enjoyed it thoroughly! I am an unconditional fan of Emma Thompson and of Dustin Hoffman and I just thought it was a lovely movie
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