Thursday, April 30, 2009

It has taken me a "good week" to get back to my normal self.

It's a good thing Steve hasn't been around to video me trying to find things. You would have quite a laugh! Most days I do a dance in the kitchen. I'll explain - In Florida I keep my plastic containers in a draw to the left of the sink. Here in Massachusetts I keep them to the right of the sink. I find myself reaching for the containers to my left, then I turn to the right and there they are!! I guess you could call that dance "the can-can."

Light Switch

When condos were built in Florida in the 80's they were allowed to put the light switches on the inside wall of a bathroom. In my condo here in the north, the switches are on the outside wall. Well, you guessed it, I'm still reaching for the switch on the inside wall.


While I was away I kept hearing about changes that were taking place in my neck of the woods.

A number of neighbors have either moved to assisted living residents or nursing homes.

More young families with childred have moved in.

Petco in Cleveland Park

There is a mall right across the street from me which had some great places to shop. Now the mall looks like a lot of malls that I saw in Florida, many empty stores. I did hear that one of the vacant stores has been rented to a Petco!

There are three condo developments in my immediate area that do not allow pets. What in the world are they thinking!? What kind of market research did they do?

A new restaurant will be openning soon - "5 Guys" - it's a chain that specializes in burgers. That could be a good addition to the neighborhood since we only have a handful of places in the area.


I just mentioned a new place to eat up here which makes me think of ALL the choses I have when I'm in Florida. If I wanted to, I could go out day and night for at least a month and eat at a different place every time!

Lunch at the Carriage House

Now that I'm home I'll probably eat out once a week. In Florida it is a totally a different experience. It's a social event - " meet you for lunch" - "get together for dinner" - "coffee and" after a movie.

But I must say the week before I left for home I was eating out TOO MUCH." I couldn't say no because they were "Good By, see you next season get togethers."

That's just one of the reason I'm glad to be home - I can control my eating out!!


While in Florida I started "the raisin and gin remedy" in order to get some relief from my arthritic pain. Well, it worked - I don't know whether it was the combination of the raisins and gin, the gin it-self or the Florida sunshine, whatever it was, it made me feel better.

I still have plenty of raisins in the house but am out of gin. Next chance I get will have to buy a bottle and start that treatment again.

Millie so glad you are home even though it will take some adjusting.
We have a 5 Guys place in a new shopping center near me. The hamburgers are great. I do not eat them often but when I do - I want a really good one.
We have 5 guys here, but I haven't been there yet. I'll have to try the gin and raisins thing if it helped you!
If the raisin and gin remedy doesn't work you can always make a gin martini to drown your sorrows. ;-)
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, Millie!

Have you tried coconut oil for arthritis? I was started to find that my just about wen away when I started eating cocnut oil! Who knew? We ran out -- and my aches started up again after a couple of weeks. We won't be running out again any time soon!
Hey Millie! Loved your Yiddish joke about Moyshe from Yasht. Do you know anywhere we could find (or you could write) a transcription of the joke in Yiddish?

Ernestine and Judy
Can't wait to try "5 Guys" We can use a new place around here. Will let you know how it goes over around here.

Right on - that's what I've been doing - makes a nice drink!

I'll have to check out "coconut oil", if it works for you it just might work for me too. ;-)

Glad you enjoyed my Moyshe joke - It's easier for me to tell it than to translate it in Yiddish. From the words you typed, I think you could do it.

Good luck!
One winter away, and lots of changes! Hoping it's all for the best and the gin and raisins keep helping you with arthritis!
Nest time try your best to run out of raisins instead of the gin.

Glad you're home, Millie. You surely have the reverse confusion going for your first few days back in Florida, I'm betting.

Bummer on the elevator. You manage, though.

We don't have 5 Guys in Kansas - at least, not to my knowledge. Perhaps they will spread westward.
Cop Car
I LOVE 5 Guys! Had it first in Virginia, now in the Brandon Mall, and there's one on Kennedy, too...What part of Florida? We are in the Tampa area....

I'm on the West Coast of Florida - Delray Beach.

5 Guys will be opening in my hometown of Swampscott, Ma. Keep hearing good things about it.
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