Friday, April 24, 2009
I Can't Open It: The Elevator

Millie comes home from Florida to find her elevator out of service. She can't open it! How is she going to get all her luggage and groceries up the stairs to her apartment?

Millie, I'm sorry about your elevator and I hope they fix it soon. I also hope that lazy cameraman helped you carry your stuff up the stairs!!
Millie, I want you to start taking the stairs more often so that a trip of four flights is not such a big deal. (don't carry all that heavy stuff, though!)
I am glad you are happy to be back! Welcome. Sorry the weather was lousy. But today we are going to have Florida weather.
Sorry that your elevator was not working! But you are so good! You made it to the fourth floor.
I live on the 3rd floor and gave up taking the elevator long ago, except when I have heavy stuff to carry, that is.
Am sure Steve didn't let you schlep your suitcase and groceries up the stairs.
Now get some well deserved rest! Anyway, it's raining outside, so there's not much you can do, except for a nap LOL
Jeepers Millie! Good thing your legs work and you could manage. I hope had a nice homecoming regardless of the initial exercisions ;)

Catch today and be happy,
I'm glad your I Can't Open It videos are back. These are some of my favorites on the web.
Millie, I salute you being able to climb all those stairs. I wouldn't make it to the first landing.

I hope the elevator is fixed now and that you got help carrying everything up to your apartment.
Millie you take the stairs like I do. So I know kind of how you felt when you finally reached the fourth floor. I hope the sun is shining and the elevator is doing what elevators are supposed to do.
I was so excited to see another video! Thanks! I just love your videos/blog. =)
No disrespect to Steve Millie, but what you needed were some strapping young lads to carry your stuff (and you) up the stairs.
Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for your comments on my elevator situation.

Update: it probably will be another week before the elevator will be working. In the meantime I have been taking the stairs, not carrying any bundles so it's not as hard as it was when I first got home.

Claude, You are right, Steve not only brought up my suitcase, he brought up all the groceries in one trip!

A "young neighbor" offered to help anyone who needed help bringing up their groceries while the elevator is out.

I did some "big shopping" the other day and he was there to assist me!! What a help that was!!!

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