Sunday, May 24, 2009
I Can't Close It: The Suitcase

In this video Millie tries to close her suitcase handle.

Update to the earlier Gin and Raisins story:

Alcohol & Seniors: A new study released by UCLA shows light to moderate consumption of alcohol prevents senior citizens from developing age-related infirmities that can cause elders to be unable to walk or dress and groom themselves.

I have the same suitcase. (Of course, all small black suitcases look alike.) I got it at Kmart when Kmart was still in biz in Boston.
Great video! You made me smile this morning
I'm glad you can put that handle down by yourself now. They can be tricky!

It seems that when I see some community documented where there are large portion of people who are very old and still quite vital, there is usually some alcohol taken every day and quite often, yogurt.
Whoo Hoom BAby - light alcohol consumption is good. Now I can enjoy the one martini without guilt.

You're looking mighty good, Millie!
Ooops! It looks like I had that martini early this morning -Whoo HooM?
The very best about this post is Millie's lovely smile! If I had that smile around the house, not opening or closing wouldn't be a problem.
We do have the SAME suitcase! I bought mine years ago at Kmart also.

You made me smile too.

Yes, I think yogurt is a good idea too! Not as much fun as alcohol but if it makes "things" work better I'm for it.

Keep enjoying that martini, morning, noon or night. Whatever works for you!

And thanks for those nice words.

Thanks for that lovely compliment. It made my day!
Millie I have the opposite problem - my suitcase won't keep the handle in it - it keeps flying off -

and you do have the best smile ever
What a delightful post. Your being able to close that case was truly a victory for you I could tell. Keep up the good work Millie!
SO, they CAN teach on old dog new tricks!! There's hope for us all, Millie!
Millie You Rock!!!!!
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