Sunday, May 17, 2009

It was about 40 years ago that I saw the film "Alfie" which stared Michael Caine in the lead roll. He made such an impression on me that whenever he appeared in a film I had to go see it.

When "Is Anybody There" staring Michael Caine came to town I had to go see it! I hadn't read much about the film but what I did read was that at 76 he was portraying an elderly gentleman and did not want any steps taken to look younger than his age. Sure enough, he looked his age but still looked good to me!

The film is about Clarence Parkinson, a grumpy old traveling magician who reluctantly goes to live in a retirement home. A young couple has converted their home to accommodate the elderly residents. When Clarence arrives at the home the couple's 10 year old son, Edward, played by Bill Milner, has to give up his room to the new resident. He's not happy about that!

Even though Clarence and Edward have a rocky start, their friendship grows, they need each other. Clarence teaches Edward some magic tricks, and the boy helps the magician out of his depression. He even gets Clarence to put on a magic show for the residents. Sometimes things can go wrong and boy, do they ever.

The residents at this retirement home are "old-old" characters. There was one in particular that looked famillar to me. Everytime the camera was on him, his hands were shaking and I was wondering if perhaps that actor really has "a problem."

I was the one that suggested this movie to "the girls" and thought they would enjoy it. As it happens one of "the girls" was VERY upset about the content of the movie. She said,"if I had known what it was about I would not have gone to see it."

Hearing that, and having seen the movie, it got me thinking. It can be too close to home for "a person of a certain age" and can't imagine that "the young people" would care to see it either. With all that said - I'm glad I saw the movie - Watching Michael Caine in this film made me feel that HE was Clarence - just like he made me feel that HE was "Alfie."

Thanks for the review. I'm a fan of Michael Caine's too. I want to see this movie
I'm glad you told us about it, Millie. I want to see it also. I remember Alfie, and I've always liked Michael Caine.
Then again, there are many of us who live full lives even with the limitations the aging process throws at us. I am no longer afraid by the reality of my life and what I among my contemporaries who are in assisted living or strictly limited living situations. But, then again, I'm only 71!

Thanks for the review Millie!
Way to go, Millie! It is a fact that genuine friendships between seniors and youngsters seldom happens. Most probably, it is because these group of people grew up in very different situations. It becomes difficult for a teenybopper,for instance, to understand an aging conservative old man or lady. However, once this gap is bridged, the joy of caring for senior citizens will be immensely appreciated.
I wonder who the audience will be and how they expect to make any money with the movie. No exploding airplanes, cleavage, mansions, etc.! I don't know if would want to see it or not. I couldn't watch the Farrah Fawcett TV series as my younger sister had died from cancer. Did not want to re-visit that.
If I were a movie goer I think that I would see this one. At 74 I found that you can't hide with your head in the sand just because your abilities have changed or your life is now a little more restricted. Thank you for the review Millie!
I've always loved Michael Caine!!!! I will probably go see this!!!!
I think you made a valid point, Millie, about your friends negative comment. I don't like visiting Nursing Homes for the same reason. To see what might be around the corner for me is depressing.

However, I do want to see this film and think I will enjoy it. Thanks for the 'heads up.'
I enjoy Michael Caine's movies. I saw this one some weeks ago and liked it. I think most older people would find it entertaining. I think your assessment as to why some might not is probably right on point.

One of my mother's complaints when she moved to housing primarily for older people was that she missed having more young people around. That's not to say she wanted to be overrun with little ones, or inconsiderate older ones.

I think it's really important to foster friendships between the generations. The exaggerated (maybe) manner in which Caine's character and the boy came together shows it can be challenging to make happen. Unfortunately, life is not always feel good, be happy.

Your review is quite good in my humble opinion.
Thanks for the review Millie. Too bad your friend did not like the film but that is not your responsibility. She need not have been so crabby about it.

"Different strokes for different folks"
Michael Caine is cool! The first film I saw of his was The Italian Job - my Dad used to quote a cleaner version of the famous quote about blowing the doors off.

I like the original Alfie there's just something about it - the remake was okay but not as good.

I will keep an eye out for that new movie :)

Have a good weekend.
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