Sunday, May 31, 2009
In my lifetime I have gone to many dentists, some closed their practices, some I chose to leave for various reasons.

One dentist always yelled at me for not doing a good job, I didn't want to put up with that.

One dentist relocated to an area that was not covenient for me.

One dentist suggested a major procedure that I was not comfortable with.

One dentist was not gentle, as a matter of fact, whatever he did was painful.

DENTIST VISIT by snowriderguy, on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND

Finally, after all these years I have a great dentist - as a matter of fact I have an appointment with him this week.

His office is located across the street from the ocean which is a short distance from my home, doesn't keep me waiting and has a very capable hygienist. Now, you know what happens when you get into the dentist's chair - you try to have a conversation with the hygienist inbetween "open wide" and "rinse." Somehow we manage to comunicate very nicely. She gets my mind off the procedure and before I know it, I'm done.

Once I leave the office, if the weather is good I take myself for a walk along the beach. I get to see mothers with their babies, people walking their dogs, runners, old people walking and some sitting on benches. Me, I walk a little and then pull up a bench.

Before I call it quits I go over to an ice cream stand, have myself a butter pecan ice cream cone, pull up another bench and enjoy the sunshine.

From there it's just a short walk to the library, I pick up some books and head home. I've had a great day and didn't even have to move the car from once spot to another!

How do you feel about going to the dentist?

I LOVE my dentist. I had a 20 year dental hiatus after one of those dentists who yell at you. I worked with my current dentist when she was setting up her practice--we were both typists in a typing service and I spent all my time hiding my mouth so she couldn't see my poor dental hygiene.

When I reached a point where I thought I was about to lose my teeth, I wrote to her and confessed my whole dental history. She was extremely gentle and understanding. I ended up putting all of her children through college, I think, but I still have all my teeth, see my dentist or her hygienist 3 times a year, and am a very happy camper.

The only thing that scares me now is the possibility of her ever retiring!
My old dentist retired last year. I had been going to him for 39 years and I loved him. He never hurt me, even though I've had many procedures and novacaine shots. His replacement is good, but she doesn't have his personality and easy-going manner. I miss my old guy!!
My dentist is great. Her office is in the Prudential Tower area. Easy to get to.
I just changed dentists because of my retirement move. So far so good. He is very good looking ;-)
I had a wonderful dentist for 24 years. Then he told me I neede to have two teeth capped. The cost was prohibitive so I changed to a dental clinic on my HMO dental plan. Big mistake. I have a long horror story about that experience. And I still don't have crowns. What to do when it's time to have my teeth cleaned in six months?
I hated the dentist. I had to have 4 extractions before I had my braces fitted when I was at Upper school (or High School as it's called in the USA) Unfortunately I wasn't given enough anaesthetic - as you can imagine I cried my eyes out and at one point bit the Dentist's finger because he wouldn't take notice of how much pain I was in.

I had the same dentist till I was about 18ish then I decided as it was now my choice who I saw I would see another dentist so I changed to a lady dentist. She let me call her by her first name rather than Dr. N that was cool but she decided she was going to change the way she practiced so rather than it being £15ish for a check up the price was going to go up.

So I started looking elsewhere and mentioned it to a friend at church who is a dentist at the same practice. I had a letter arrive a few weeks later and he'd switched me to being one of his patients now.

He's lovely (I know I am biased seeing as he's a family friend and all!!) My Aunt sees him too and she says that he's very nice looking so she just stares at him while he sorts out her teeth lol.
This morning was my 6 month cleaning. I have been going to this dentist for 10 years. I like him. My dentist of 40 years passed away 10 years ago and I dreaded the thought of going to a new one. Tried several and finally have the best "once again".
I do not like going and really take good care of my teeth. A couple of fillings and 2 crowns.
Now it looks like with a dry mouth condition some changes are occuring that I am not comfortable with. But if this is all that happens "I am a lucky lady".
I have a great dentist that's near by. I get my teeth cleaned every six months. So far no cavities!
Glad you finally found a dentist that fit your needs. I've had the same kind of struggles, and finally found a dentist that I really like at an Aspen Dental office. Good luck with everything!
Oh don't we all love the dentist!! LOL!!
I hope you can find a reliable dentist in your area who would be your teeth's soul mate.
I have had a serious fear and loathing of dentists since I was abotu 8 years old and had to have an extraction of one of my milk teeth. I did not go to the dentist for probably 10 years or more - and when I finally went (to a new dentist, without all the terrible memories!) he said I am so lucky as I have some of the best teeth he had seen all year. Touch wood - no fillings or extractions and I'm 40 now!
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Finding a dentist that is compatible with you can sometimes be a challenge. The best way to find a new dentist is to ask friends and family about their experience with their dentist.
A family dentist plays an essential role in maintaining the oral health needs to all the members of the family.

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Hi Millie! I'm glad that you finally found a good dentist who can take care of your dental health. My family usually visit our Columbia dentists for cleaning, fluoride painting and other dental treatments. They already know our dental history so they know the appropriate response to our dental needs. Like in your case, we also love the staff of the clinic. They definitely earned our trust.

It would be great for other readers to find a good dentist that they can positively work with to help them keep their teeth healthy.
Preventing dental disease starts at home with good oral hygiene and a balanced diet.  It is continued in the dental Long Beach CA office by the efforts of Dr. Coates, a dental hygienist.
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Hi Mildred! I have to say, I certainly love my dentist. He was referred to me by my friend in Memphis. Sleep apnea and gum related diseases are one of their specializations in the clinic. Like you, I've been searching for years for the perfect dentist, Memphis TN based. I'm just glad that I met him and I'm proud to say that he has been looking after my oral health as well as my husband’s for a long time. Millie, I'm so pleased that I was able to visit your site. Great job! You truly deserve a good pat on the back!
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That's great! Your dentist reminds me of my dentist. Rock Hill, SC, our home town, has this well known dentist, so I had to see for myself. That same dentist became our family dentist until we moved to Tega Cay last year. Well, we found another dentist (Tega Cay area) who's as good as our dentist back at Rock Hill. They're both friendly, and they can both start a lively conversation.
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