Sunday, June 21, 2009
We all have losses, over time we lose family members, friends and people who have touched our lives, even briefly. When a public figure, be it a politician, an entertainer or a writer dies, it's a loss. Even though we don't know the person personally we still feel a connection with them.

I was a youngest when Franklin Delano Roosevelt died and still remember when the paperboy was on the street with an "EXTRA" edition of the newspaper with the headline - "President Roosevelt Dead." I remember too getting the word that Glenn Miller died in an airplane crash overseas.

There are all kinds of losses - The other day the newspapers came out with the news that the North Shore Music Theatre is closed for good due to insurmountainable financial problems.

Their troubles started in 2005 when a fire destroyed the interior of the theater and led to $3 million in lost ticket sales, only half of which was covered by insurance.

North Shore Music Theatre

I became a subscriber in the early 60's when the shows were held in a tent. As I remember it, the seats were like beach chairs and if it rained it drowned out the performer. In later years they put up a building with heat, airconditioning and comfortable seats.

Not only was it a wonderful theater experience, it was a great social event. I knew that once a month I would be getting together with friends for great entertainment and dinner afterwards.

Image: Courtesy Playbill

Even before the show started we had an opportunity to visit with friends who came from near and far which added to the enjoyment of the day.

One thing the newspapers did not mentioned is the fact that the grounds of the theater were beautiful. We attended matinee performances and on a sunny day we would pack a lunch, leave early and have lunch outside, surrounded by the most beautiful plantings. Not only that, we would have another opportunity to visit with friends.

I will miss everything about the North Shore Music Theatre.

Hi Millie, I will miss the North Shore Music Theatre too. I socialized, enjoyed the landscaping but most of all it gave me a chance to escape into the fantasy of the production. The production of the NSMT was in the Round Stage. Saturday Matinees would elevate my spirits to an afternoon that was deliciously enjoyable and a real treat like being on vacation. Nanci
We have lost similar venues, Millie. Our local university used to have the most wonderful subscription series, with performers of all kinds on the yearly bill. It was closed down years ago, because they simply couldn't afford to get good artists without charging much more for the series. It was a great loss to this area.
Hi, Mille -

I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and I've been enjoying it.

It is sad when time-honored venues are no longer. Thanks for sharing the North Shore Music Theatre with those of us who never had the opportunity to go there.

It is sad when the loss of a venue that we enjoyed disappears. It's like losing an old friend.

I, too, remember the grief the country felt when Roosevelt died. How we need him now. When Glenn Miller died in that plane crash on his way to entertain the troops everyone felt like the music had stopped.
Millie, I as well will miss going to the NSMT. All the wonderful shows,props, and most of all once in a season getting a chance to visit with you !!!!!!! We will just have to meet somewhere else!!

Lisa (
I know what a cultural touchstone the North Shore Music Theatre is. Although I never did get to a show there, I was sad to hear this news.
Millie I was five or six years old when President Roosevelt died. I remember the paper boy shouting the news as he delivered the the news. My how things have changed since then.
It's a very difficult time for the arts. I am a theatre critic and I am seeing significant declines in the number of patrons in all the theatres where I review, as well as the loss of some theatre that have been popular for many years.
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