Sunday, July 05, 2009
Those of us who are in the "old-old" category know the many changes that can happen at this time of life. We move slower, we tire more easily, we don't see as well. we don't hear as well, have trouble sleeping, can't remember names and misplace things.

I have seen people get very upset when they can't find their keys. That's one thing I pride myself on. I always place my keys in a certain place - I can always put my hands on them.

When I go to a mall I usually park in the same location every time so I don't have any trouble finding my car. I must admit there have been times when I can't find my car in the lot and think, "my car must have been stolen!"

When I want to use a certain item in my kitchen I can always find it - when I use it, I always put it back in it's place. The only trouble I have in the kitchen is when I come back from Florida - I have an adjustment period - takes a little time to find things.

This leads me to what prompted this post.

I've have a wonderful peeler for years then one day I could not find it!! I looked high and low - no peeler. I was forced to go out and buy a new one. Well, it did not work like my old one, far from it. I was not a happy camper.

SO I went shopping for another peeler. Finally I found a reasonably priced one and it worked beautifully!!!!

Light weight, red handle and there when I needed it. A few weeks went by, needed my peeler and what do you know, it wasn't in it's place!! It's still missing so I'll have to buy another peeler!!!

Is it trying to tell me something - like - stop cooking - buy prepared foods that don't need peeling?

I could start worrying, maybe I'm losing it? On the other hand - It's one thing to go to the refigerator and not remember what you went there for so long as you know what the refigerator is for!

Maybe after I buy a new peeler the old ones will come out of hiding.

I can almost guarantee that if you buy a new one, the old ones will show up!!
I lose things like peelers all the time, I am convinced my flat is populated by gremlins. Latest thing to go missing is a pair of tongs. Also I am paranoid about keys, I always put mine down in the same place so I know where they are, having spent 7 hours searching for them about a year ago, ruining my day.
I forget things but haven't misplaced too much stuff on a regular basis. Your idea of maintaining the habit of putting something in the same place is a good habit as we get older. I hope I can maintain my sense of humor as you do!
I constantly lose tweezers and nail clippers. I know I must have half a dozen of each of them around here, and I get a glimpse of their shiny selves once in a while when I'm cleaning.

I should clean more often, I guess.
I had to laugh at this one Millie because you said if you buy another one maybe the other one will show up. You tried that already and that didn't work. But I must confess that I, like you, suffer from the same malady. I know that are duplicates of knitting needles, crochet hooks. scissors, cooking implements, gardening tools, and all the other things I use in my daily activities hiding in boxes, drawers, and closets around the house.
Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and reassurance to my mind that I 'ain't' the only one who suffer from this condition!
My theory is that I accidentally throw the peelers out with the peelings! But that theory wouldn't hold up if you use a disposal for the peelings!
I wish I knew how many peelers I have had during my 52 years of marriage & cooking!
I wouldn't worry if I lost a small thing like a peeler, but now I am losing my cane. I am getting my exercise toddling from room to room hunting for it. Losing something that visible does worry me. I am not losing it; I lost it. :-(
What were the brand of peelers that you liked? I don't usually lose peelers just have a hard time finding a good one....or finding one that doesn't rust. Peeler recommendations anyone?
To "The Bluest Butterfly", I have a peeler that I love. I bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond and it's an OXO. It has a soft black handle, hasn't rusted in years (Of course I live in Arizona so rust is not a big problem) and peels well.
LOL! I'm sure the old potato peeler will show up as soon as you buy another. That's always the case. Loved your post!

I had that problem with tweezers and nail files also - finally after replacing them a number of times got smart and put them in a special small container especially for those items. Problem solved!


I think I lost the first peeler when I peeled a bunch of carrots and dumped everthing in the trash.

The second peeler was quit large so I can't explain that disappearance!


You lose your cane but I disagree with you when you say "You have lost it." From the way that you write I would say, " You are with it."
As long as you don't find the peeler in your purse and car keys in kitchen drawer I'd say you are AOK
i love your blog dont stop blogging
This happens to me all the time. Just buy a new one to continue the collection :)
Think of the beautiful photo you can take then!
My husband is only 37 and he is forever losing things - I dread to think what he will be like when he is 87 :o) I agree that having a place for everything and always returning things to their place is one of the best sanity-savers ever! Hope your peelers turn up - a good peeler can be hard to find...
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