Sunday, August 02, 2009
Saul Friedman who writes a biweekly Reflection column for Ronni Bennett's Time Goes By, recently wrote about a family African Safari to Botswana. What an adventure they had! That got me thinking, what trip could I write about - nothing could come close to the sights and sounds that he and his family experienced.

The trips my husband and I took were pretty tame but there was one day in Paris that comes to mind. It was the last day of our stay and there was so much more we wanted to do.

Among the roofs and chimneys by claudesf on flickr. (c) All rights reserved

First, we had lunch at a neighborhood restaurant that was a "do not miss" recommendation. Ordinarily I don't drink at lunch but this was Paris and it just felt right to have a glass of wine. The service and lunch was as good as what we had expected.

We had a lot more on our adgenda so before leaving the restaurant I thought it would be wise to use the ladies room - aha -I had to communicate my wishes with the hostess who did not speak english, evenually she got the message.

She directed me downstairs where I saw a door but there was no light-switch. I cautiously opened the door and felt around for a light-switch - ok, I found it and what I saw was a HOLE in the ground!!! To this day I remember my reaction - I'll say no more about that!!

After lunch we had scheduled an english speaking tour of the Louvre Museum. It was our last day in Paris and how do you not take that in.

As we were walking to the Metro I started to feel very tired and couldn't hold my head up. I just couldn't see myself touring the museum in my condition. All I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and lay down. Forget the museum.

Instead of taking the metro to the museum, we were going to take it back to the hotel. Fortunately we passed a gift shop on the way to the metro. How can you pass up a shop like that, especially your last day in Paris?

I did a little shopping and started to feel better.

On the way to the Louvre pyramid by claudesf on flickr. (c) All rights reserved

We were able to keep the appointment for our English speaking tour of the Louvre!

No more wine for me at noontime!!

Wine/beer makes me tired as well in the middle of the day. If I expect a busy afternoon I usually pass on the alcohol. I have never been to someday.
I'd love to visit Paris one day.
What an adventure!
Wine puts me to sleep immediately, so I know what you mean. I had a nice day and a half in Paris, but would you believe we didn't drink any wine while we were there?
Over 20 years ago I was in Paris alone. To be in the city of romance and no one to share it with was rather sad. I did spend a half day in the Louvre (no tour), did a Betau Mouche cruise, got lost after dark, and went to Versailles, where I managed to get lost again. I went to Napoleon's tomb and did the Eiffel tower.

It was all a great adventure. I have always wanted to go back, but it was not to be.

You were brave to go to Paris yourself and certainlly had some adventures. I don't like getting lost anywhere in this country let alone getting lost in a foreign country.

And finding your way around the museum on your own was something too. I remember being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the place.

You had lots of gumption.
Hi Millie, Thank you for the tour to Paris.Now when you say you're tired I have to ask you what you're drinking with your lunch. I have never been to Paris and as we get older it seems so much harder to take such a trip. You're lucky you did itwhen you were younger to make such beautiful memories. Love, Nanci
My hubby and I made several trips to Paris back when he was on the board of his company. What fun we had seeing the sights, the Louvre was overwhelming for me. I loved the parks and the avenues and sidewalk cafes and most of all the people.
Quite an adventure eh! Great post Millie, and I'm so flattered that you used some of my photos!

The Louvre was overwhelming for me too. Even before we got inside, it was difficult to find the an entrance!

If it weren't for the guided tour I doubt we would have found "the Mona Lisa."

What surprised me when we finally got to see the portrait, it was small, beautiful but small.

No question in my mind, if I'm going to show photos of Paris, what better photos could I use but yours.
Did you do a last tango there?
I love that picture..Its simply FABULOUS..thanks for the post..

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