Sunday, August 23, 2009
It all started last Sunday night when I went to see "Jersey Boys." I hadn't been to the theatre in a very long time so that was a treat in itself, not only that, this was an amazing production, talented cast, wonderful music and ingenious staging!

Just to give you an idea of how well received the play was - when the cast performed "My Eyes Adored You" - the audience not only applauded, they gave them a standing ovation! I've never seen this happen in the middle of a production.

On Tuesday (the day of my birthday) every time I checked the comments, the birthday greetings were coming in fast and furious!!

What an exciting day I had.

In the evening my friends took me out to dinner. (Oh, What a Night)

Saturday, Steve and Carol took me out for a wonderful lobster dinner!

The Lobster:
My Mom's Lobster

My Mom's Lobster: Can Millie Open it?

Carol and Millie:
Carol and Millie

Everything that happened during the week was very special to me but I must say that hearing from all my friends, whether they are bloggers, lurkers or twitterers, was very gratifying to me.

Thank you all for your thoughtfulness.

Delurking to wish you a happy birthday from a fellow Garfield in Wisconsin. I stumbled upon your blog one day while searching for some information on my Garfield ancestry. I really look forward to your entertaining and amusing posts. Here's to many more!
Millie, you are a treasure. I am so glad you were able to enjoy lobster for your birthday.
You must have had a wonderful week. What are they going to do next year to top this?
I'm glad you had fun!
You certainly deserve every bit of what happened!
That lobster absolutely looked yummy!
I have only had lobster one time. It was a challenge for a Westerner to navigate, but it was delicious. I needed a bib, but you are expert at getting that luscious bite in your mouth without dripping butter on your front.

I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday; you deserved it.
I love how you keep celebrating; birthdays are special! Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful dinner with your family!

Way to get all modern with videos -you are an inspiration!
On the VERY odd occasion I can have lobster (at the price it is in the UK), I can get them open, but I inadvertantly cut myself on the sharp edges of the shell.
Oh, we had a grand time sharing the day with you. :)
Yeah,i hope u had a wonderful week..
I like how you keep celebrating; birthdays are special..

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It looked like so much fun, I found your blog only a year, but I love reading and seeing what you have to say. Happy belated birthday. I hope you continue blogging and enjoying life for many years to come. :)
So Jersey Boys was your latest - but what is your EARLIEST memory of going to the theatre?
I'd love to know.
From one Garfield to another - thanks for stopping by.

kenju & Claude
Starting in September a local restaurant is offering a lobster roll special for $10.00. I'll be there.

Next year Ronni is going to have a cake with 85 candles on it. I'll need every one's help to blow out all the candles!!

Jack, Ronni and S3Xin the Pantry
Thanks for stopping by.

My waitress gave me the tools but forgot to give me the bib - I was just lucky not to mess up.

Next time you have lobster, order a lobster roll!!

Floral Joy
Keep reading and I'll keep blogging.

Good question - first play I ever saw was "Life With Father." That was 70 years ago!!!!!!
I just might make a post about that.
Hi Millie, That lobster looked delicious and now I would like one too! Happy Healthy Everyday and make more celebrations before your next birthday! I love collecting happy times because they make beautiful memories! Love Nanci
Aw, you are so cute, Millie. I was standing in my kitchen this afternoon, making homemade salsa for my husband, and for some reason you popped into my head. I thought, "Oh! I haven't visited Millie's blog in a while!" What a treat. And, happy belated birthday!
Hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I just saw Jersey Boys on Oprah the other day along with 2 stars from Mad Men.
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