Sunday, August 09, 2009
My friends and I have been hungry for a good movie and one finally came to town.

"Julie & Julia" is a movie about two women who are looking for something to do that they feel passionate about. Merle Streep is Julia Child in Paris in 1949. Her loving husband Paul is played by Stanley Tucci. He asks her, "what do you like to do?" Her answer is, "I like to eat!" That's it, she enrolls in Le Cordon Bleu culinary school.

Half the movie is spent 50 years later with Amy Adams as Julie Powell. She's an admirer of Julia Child and makes a commitment to herself to blog for 365 days, exploring "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." Her husband Eric (Chris Messina) encourages her in this project, enjoys many a good meal and takes lots of Tums!

It was fun for me seeing "Julie" posting to her blog. At one point she had an argument with her husband, posted about it, got it off her chest and then pressed the delete key. There are other scenes that, as bloggers, we can relate to.

There are so many wonderful moments in this movie, I'll just relate one. When Julia first attends the cooking class she has a difficult time slicing an onion. She was determined to show the men in the class she could do it better than they could.

There she was in her kitchen, chopping away, looked like she had chopped millions of onions. When her husband Paul entered the kitchen , he had to turn back, the odor was so strong! That was the one opportunity for Tucci to be funny, and it worked!

When she went to class, she beat all the men. Practice made perfect!

I've always enjoyed whatever Nora Ephron has done but this time she really cooked on all burners. The story was great, the cast was outstanding, the food looked wonderful ( I especially enjoyed the scene when the waiter was deboning a trout) That's exactly what the waiter did for me when I was in Paris.

Everyone in the cast did a fine job but I must say Meryl Streep made the movie. She was Julia in every way - her voice, her appearance and her expressions . An award coming up?

Once the movie was over (guess what) we went out to eat!!

Dear Millie, your review of Julie & Julia was DELICIOUS! I saw the movie Saturday and it was so refreshing to see a delightful, uplifting movie. Meryl Streep was so authentic. She made me feel it was the real Julia Childs.
Thank you for such a beautiful review, great job!
hi i like this movie she is very good for life,
Now, after your post, I really want to see this movie. I admire Meryl Streep very much and I know she has done a great job. (The movies made you want to eat...did it make you want to cook?)
The movie hasn't been released here yet but I'm dying to see it! Great review :)
I want to see it! I can't wait for it to come out here in the UK. I am in the process of reading The Traveler's Wife (At high speed so I can also watch it at the cinema!)

Thank you for your fab review :)
I am exciting to see this movie, especially because Julia is a hometown hero here in Boston/Cambridge.
I just read the review of Julie and Julia in Time magazine and the critic agreed with you. He gave Meryl Streep a glowing review, but then she is always good in whatever she does.

I will have to wait for it on NetFlix, but it will go on my list right away. Thanks for the review.

Leave it to you to ask that question. ;-)

I just eat - don't cook unless I absolutely have to!
I was ambivalent about this movie until I read this!! Thanks, Millie.
I also thought this movie was well-done--although not the sort of thing to watch if you're on a diet.
Haven't seen this movie as it's not out in Paris, yet.
It sounds pretty ... appetizing, plus I love Meryl Streep.
One of my favorite memories of my Dad was him watching Julia Child on TV. He so enjoyed it.

I will certainly see this movie, especially after your review. Meryl Streep is a favorite of mine and am please to hear she has apparently captured the role brilliantly.
I think it was DELICIOUS!!thanks for the post..

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hello ,I will have to wait for it on NetFlix, but it will go on my list right away. Thanks for the review
hello i see this movie ,this is very good.
this movie is good............


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