Sunday, September 06, 2009
As we age changes take place, some are so gradual you are not even aware of what is happening, some can hit you like a bolt of lightening.

Our hair thins, we put on weight, we don't have the stamina we once had, our habits change, our friends change, our tolerance level changes and things that we were able to do in the past that we took for granted are now a big deal- if we can do them at all.

That all sounds pretty serious but "those are the facts maam"

What got me thinking like this was "an evening out to dinner with the girls."

It was a beautiful night, not a cloud in the sky, no threat of rain and a full moon. What better time to go to a restaurant that has an ocean view. No waiting to be seated, no loud music and to top it off, a wonderful dinner.

After dinner we elected to take a walk on the beach. Even though we live a short drive from this area we don't get there as often as we could. After a while we pulled up a bench and started talking about past summer memories and what we are experiencing today.


On the Seawall

We all grew up on the North Shore and have fond memories of summers at the beach. When we were children our parents would take us to the beach for the day. As teenagers we would meet "fellas" - after we had children of our own we spent many happy times on the beach. (carrying chairs, blankets, food, and changes of clothing for the kids. You couldn't leave them in wet suits even though they didn't like being changed in a public place.)


Swim Lanes

Now the picture is totally different - Even when the kids were on their own we still would meet at the beach, still carry the chairs and all the other goodies that were needed. Then came the time we sold our homes and moved into condos that had swimming pools! Good-bye beach - hello swimming pools. There is only one senior that I know that still goes to the beach!

Going to the beach is too much of a hassle - the water could be cold - there could be loads of seaweed, low tide, rip-tide, hot sand, etc, etc.

Funny, when I was younger none of these things bothered me.

It's so much easier to just walk over to the pool - no problem parking the car - no chairs to carry and water that is always clean and the right temperature... and not coming home with sand between my toes!!

What we did in the past was good - as time goes by we adjust, and that's good too.

Hi Millie,Yes it is very true NOTHING STAYS THE SAME. I can relate to your blog and now I find it very difficult to go to pool in my complex. I don't walk I drive to the pool and I sit on a chair as I can't get off the lounge chair.
I also am not adjusting to all the changes in my life since the stamina is GONE! I feel better since I told you and now I have to learn how to accept this difficult situation and way of life.
Sincerely yours,Nanci
Yes, I remember days and days at Coney Island with my grandma. The beach would be jam packed with people, but we'd stake out a little spot in the hot sand. After Nani, as we called our grandma, smeared sunblock on our shoulders, we would run off to play in the ocean. We never had swimming lessons of any kind, but we all went up to our necks in the waves and swam till we were exhausted. Then the waves would spit us out and we would walk around for what seemed like forever, trying to find Nani among the throngs of sunbathers. We always found her and she was always all smiles with her feet buried in the sand.
These days, kids have two to three years of swim lessons before they are allowed to go in the surf past their knees. The lifeguards don't let you swim out past chest height and all the parents aren't lounging on the sand because they are anxiously tracking their kids so they don't get lost!
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When I was a kid, I loved going to the beach, now I always find the water too cold, or maybe I'm just lazy. I'm not too fond of swimming pools either. Maybe I don't like being wet all that much! ;)
Nothing stays the same, but that's also good. We change and we do different things! A year ago, I remember posting about heavy books and not being able to even lift them. I have found a solution to that, I read on my iPhone and hopefully, soon, I'll be reading on my Kindle. ;)
So many things that I can't do, but which I used to take for granted...climbing stairs two at a time, running to jump on to a bus, walking in the rain...
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Oh, I know exactly what you are saying, Millie. Creature comforts are so much more important now and eating a sandwich without sand is bliss.

I can't get up out of a low chair and I would find an afternoon on hot sand very tiring. I guess all things have their own season.
I never saw a beach until I was 16, so I have always preferred to swim in a pool = preferably a heated one. I do love to sit on the beach, though, as long as I have a cooler, a good chair, a good book and something to shade me. I don't want much, do I? LOL
Hi Millie, I'm 51 with 3 kids: 13, 11, and 9 - got started a little late!
While still having to raise kids, I am at the age where I am allowing myself to have a life beyond my kids, sooo...I do.
I'll check in with you again - I may learn a few things! :)
Oh yes, we live right above the beach and never go. My dermatologist would skin me alive if she saw the tan I now have from my seven in the morning water aerobics. Even there we complain if the water is too cold. Silly us.
Everything does have a season, doesn't it? I love your optimism.
Yes, nothing stays the same. I made a move back to my country property, no computer for weeks. City home for sale and when I check on it would go online. So I am catching up on your entries.
I do not know how long I can enjoy my old homeplace now that I am in my 70's. So much I want to do that I use to do and I am finding a lot ot the stamina is GONE.
I want to accept these years gracefully. I love the nature surrounding me for photography.
Will take one day at a time.
Good to visit you again.
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