Sunday, September 13, 2009
When the Friday edition of the Boston Globe comes out I look to see what new movies have come into town. It's been weeks since anything worthwhile has played - so no movie this week.

Usually I get out to eat at least once a week - not this week.

Mah Jongg game was cancelled.

Too cool to sit by the pool.

I did have plans to meet with a friend who was visiting from Florida.

Doyle's Fruit Pancakes

We arranged to meet at 10:00am at a local pancake house. It was way to early for me but that was the only time we could get together. The older I get, the slower I get - I had my concerns - how in the world was I going to make it?

Well, not to worry - A few days before the appointed date I received a call from her. She informed me that she had just come home after a four day stay in the hospital and had to cancel her trip to Massachusetts.

I was sorry to learn that she took ill but at the same time I was relieved that our date was cancelled. Looks like I won't get together with her until I get to Florida. (and that will be for either lunch or dinner)

This week I had an appointment with my dentist who's office is a short walk from the library. For some reason I just don't get to the library as often as I would like but this was the perfect time to visit. And what do you know they had a book that was recommended to me - "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" by first time author Jamie Ford.

It takes place in Seattle, Washington in the 40's when Japanese immigrants were taken to relocation centers. The story is related through the eyes of Henry, a 12 year old Chinese boy who's father insists he wears a "I am Chinese" button. Henry befriends a 12 year old Japanese girl "Keiko" - There's a lot of food for thought in this historical novel.

That's just a tease - I'm half way through and just might finish it tonight.

Oh, and speaking about tonight - Mad Men at 10:00pm EST on AMC!!

You always end up positive no matter what your day is like. Glad you got in a visit to the library.

I just finished "Homer and Langley" by E.L. Doctorow. It is an unusual story,fictionalized, about the life of 2 real life recluses in NYC. Wealthy brothers who live together in a Fifth Avenue brownstone.. One of them is an obsessive compulsive hoarder in a major fashion. The other brother goes blind at about age 9.

I know it sounds gross but the way it is written I got interested in their lives. It is almost a you are there type book. I got into the pathos of their lives.

And I like Doctorow.
Millie, this is my first time to write to you, though I have been evesdropping on your blog for at least a year. I live in West Texas and am 75, just a bit younger than you. My daughter and I went to see "Julie & Julia" a week ago and I enjoyed it. It is based on a true story of a young wife cooking every recipe in Julia Child's French cook book.

I have had the good fortune to visit Boston twice on a couple of tours. First in Oct. 2000 to see New England fall foliage, but also got a city tour of all the tourist places. Old North Church, Quincy market place and especially enjoyed the Kennedy Library, right on the water's edge. The bus driver told us the state bird was the "crane" that is numerous in the city with the "big dig". Then again in 2001 I landed at Logan airport to commence a tour into Maine and over to Nova Scotia. I think the tower is so unique there and when you are landing, it looks like the plane will sit down in water, the ocean is so near to the runways. Anyway, I thought I would suggest that movie.

My home in Sweetwater, TX is VERY different from the Boston climate. My husband and I have been married for 57 years and he hybridizes Irises and Daylilies and grows hay for his few cattle. I struggle with Rheumatoid arthritis and keep our home running. If you would like to write to me my address is:

I have enjoyed your blog and check every now and then to see if you have newly posted. I too have a lot of trouble opening things. I must keep scissors in my kitchen drawer and my grandkids gave me a Black & Decker electric jar opener. It is wonderful.

Lou Ann in Texas

I haven't read anything by Doctorow but this book sounds like my cup of tea.

I'm a fan of "Monk" who is an obsessive compulsive person like one of the characters in "Homer and Langley.

Next time I'm at the library will pick a copy. Thanks for the recommendation.
I am with you on morning appointments, Millie. I do like to go out for brunch, though. I feel like I can order high calorie food then because it's taking the place of two meals. ;-).
Millie, I had a review of that book on my blog. I loved, loved, loved it!! I even had a comment from the author!
Yes, sometimes when everything else fails, a good book saves you! Just added it to my must read list!
Sometimes it's good to slow down whether we want to or not -- she said unconvincingly. I'm speaking of myself here, too, you know. I know that feeling of relief when you realize you really don't want to do something that you've committed to earlier, for whatever the reason, then the other person cancels and you don't have to do the dirty work, or make yourself go.

Well, I picked up a book about Paul Newman just on a fluke 'cause I had a discount coupon that had to be used quickly and the book captured my fancy at the time. After I read the book I decided he and I might not have been compatible all the time. I really did admire all the good he's done with much of the money he made beyond his own needs.
Oh, I forgot to mention. I bought a new pair of cheapy drug store eyeglasses that had a huge big piece of tough plastic attached to a tiny even tougher piece wrapped tightly around the nose bridge between the lens. I swear to goodness I spent a half hour trying to get that plastic off 'cause there was just no way I could wear the glasses until I did. Plus I was really concerned I'd hurt myself with the pointed scissors or sharp-edged plastic, especially should anything slip unexpectedly. I thought of you so many times and what a great video it would be if you could survive the frustration. I only barely did.
Hi Millie :) I am sorry to see that the week didn't go as planned for you. The weather here lately has been getting cooler and cooler, I miss warm weather. Look at it like this, when you go to Florida to visit your friend, you'll be able to sit by the pool with no worries about being cold.

Glad to hear that you did not hurt yourself while you were trying to remove that tough plastic that was attached to the glasses.

We are put to the test and prove to be survivers!!
Hi Millie, I'm in a book club, therefore always listening out for a good book to suggest to my group. Next time I'm in the book store, I will browse the Jamie Ford book you mentioned. Blessings.
I love your blog, please keep it up. I loved your learning yiddish videos. I'm going to pick up the book instant yiddish on my next check. I have a friend who can help me pronounce the words.

I didn't know I was jewish until I was 28, it looks like I might be over half jewish. I'm still researching.

I already know some german, as I knew my mom's family was german... so that's made some of the words easier. zehr git sounds a lot like sehr gut. not hard to follow.

It's really great to see people share their passions on the internet, especially when they're older as most people my dad's age and up are terrified of computers.

Thanks for the wonderful blogs.

I started reading that book at Barnes and Noble one day and really enjoyed it...thanks for the reminder!
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