Sunday, September 20, 2009
I grew up in a small Massachuetts city with a very large Jewish population. When a Jewish holiday rolled around the schools were closed because most of the students and the teachers were Jewish.

My mother did all the cooking to prepare for the holidays, she even made her own gefilte fish and horseradish. She could walk to the local grocery store, fish market and butcher to get whatever she needed for the holiday. Funny thing would happen, the owners of the shops always raised the prices of the items that were most in demand, especially the fresh fish!

Even as a child, I remember the heated conversations among the neighbors, "the nerve of the butcher or the fishmonger."

Today the hardest thing the hostess has to do is find the store that sells what is needed to give the holiday the taste and memories of the past.

This past week-end Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year "5770" started.

For many years I have had family and friends for the holidays. Every year there are fewer people at the table. Even so, there is still lots do. I don't cook much from scratch anymore, but I still make my chicken soup and potato pudding.

This year Steve and Carol made the brisket and mandelbrot. The brisket was delicious and guess what one of the ingredients was?

"BEER." No wonder it tasted so good!

Harpoon Leviathan Quad Brisket

The chocolate mundelbrot was equally good - even though it didn't have any liquor in it!

The Best Chocolate Chip Mandelbrot

Now getting back to what I said originally - one of the hardest thing that I had to do was find a store where I could get what I needed to make the holiday special.

Well as luck would have it, my friend asked me if I would like to join her on a trip to "The Butcherie" which is located in Brookline. She was willing to drive "over the bridge." The roads have changed, bridges have come up and driving through Boston "aint" what it used to be. If she was willing, I sure was!!

It was smooth sailing and we even got a great parking space. When you enter the store your immediate impression is "it's crowded, it's noisy, the isles are narrow and it's loaded with whatever you are looking for and MORE!"

I hadn't been to this area in years and it brought back so many memories - the wonderful bakery, the fish store and the Jewish Book Shop - they are still there, alive and well!!

What a wonderful way to start off the holiday!!

The brisket looked amazing! I've been to the Butcherie several times and it's a bit nuts in there. Crowded, busy. But it means it's time for the Jewish holidays!
Oh, boy, could I ever tuck into that brisket!! It looks wonderful. In college I had a Jewish friend who missed her mother's potato latkes all the time. Her foods sounded so exotic to me, but now: I want them all!

Happy Holiday, Millie!
Happy New Year Millie!
Happy New Year, Millie.

Have you ever noticed how all holidays center around food? It is universal.

I helped a Jewish friend make latkes one year and peeling all those potatoes was a royal pain.
That amazing! just like this gosh1 golly gee
Yummy Millie.

Could you possibly get carol to share the recipe for the beef brisket with us.

My mouth is watering and I can almost smell it from the picture.
Hi Millie, " Your Trip Back In Time"
brought back my own memories of family and friends when I was a young girl. I really miss those days.
Steve did a spectacular job on the Brisket and Mandelbrot!I see a new career..Catering and being a Chef!
Happy, Healthy New Year! L'Shana Tova to you 2009..5770
Ah, Millie, those of us who grew up in non-Jewish households missed something, didn't we?

Of course, each of us had our own "something"s that others missed.

Happy New Year, to you and others who are celebrating the season!
Cop Car
Millie, Shana Tovah to you!

You almost guessed correctly on our Florida home. The house is in the original Cascades on Jog Road, just below Woolbright.
happy holiday, Millie! This post made my mouth water. I should make latkes one of these days. My Mom used to make them so well!
Oh wonderful.
Gee, do I have to be Jewish to get a treat like those dishes? They really look delish! A belated Happy New Year to you!
You talking about the butcher raising prices right before the holiday reminded me of the days I worked at the flower shop. Right before Valentines Day and Mothers day, the wholesalers would raise the prices of the flowers. It would force the shops to raise the prices. Really stinks!

Totally impressed by Steve's and Carol's cooking. Sweetest of years to you dear Millie.
Yeah. This is a good share.
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