Sunday, November 08, 2009
Remember the commercial where the fellow says "It's time to make the donuts?" Well for me "it's time to start packing."

Mom's Race Car Delivered

In less than a month my car will be picked up and transported to Florida which means I have to get cracking. Lot's to think about. For example the company that I ship with requires that there should only be a quarter of a tank of gas in the car. Last year I forgot about that and filled the tank up to close to the departure date. I took myself for a few long drives but still when the shipper picked up the car I had over a tank of gas.

No, they did not "yell" at me like what happens to me in Florida a lot. (I wrote about that in a recent post.)

In another television commercial that I have been seeing lately there appears to be a doll who walks very slowly and needs to be wound up. She's depressed and needs the medication that they are advertising. I am not depressed but I am moving very slowly and need to be wound up!!

It's a good thing Steve is not here filming me with his camera because if the marketing people saw what I look like they would hire me for that job!

Well, I made the supreme effort today and took out the boxes, duffel bags and garment bags that need to be packed.

What can I tell you, It's a job I'm not thrilled about doing but someone has got to do it. I've been doing this for many years and what I realize is, I spend more time thinking about packing than doing it - it really isn't such a big deal if only I would get moving and do it!

Another thing I am aware of is "I take too many clothes." Every year I say the same thing, "next year I will not take so much." If only I would listen to myself!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Hi Millie, I think most of us "think" more than we "do."
You'll get it done, as overwhelming as it may seem - a little at a time, and then throw in the last stuff in a panic before you go. :)
I hope that your thinking about it will help you pack efficiently, Millie. I have never gone anywhere that I didn't pack too much!
Perhaps you ought to just keep two wardrobes and have one packed for going south. ;-) Have a safe trip.
Funny thing that happens is the stuff I throw in the last minute is what I really need. Go figure!

Just once I packed just right and wore everything! It was on a two week trip and my suitcase could only hold so much.

People suggest that I leave clothes in Florida so I don't have to take them back and forth. Trouble with that is I need those clothes up north.

I find it hard enough to find clothes that fit, never mind having a double wardrobe.
I am sure you are making lists and checking things off as you take care of them. Don't worry about forgetting something, you are not going to the jungle and they have stores in Florida.

I didn't realize you took your car. Going south for you is a major production. I am glad you are able to make it.

Have you had to hip cortisone shot yet? I hope it works and that you are pain free during this hectic time.
Already?! I have started to mark time by your comings and goings to Florida. It seems like yesterday that you came back up here to Mass....
It seems like yesterday that you went to Florida and returned. Is it really that time of year again?
I understand on the packing part - even though I have not traveled much in the last years. But I think everyone takes to much - except my son who goes to Thailand twice a year. He travels with a backpack!! Take Care
I love how you described a while back yourself and others who migrate to the sun as "snowbirds".
It is difficult to comprehend that it is time for you to go South again. Getting everything together has got to be a bit of a chore but I'm sure you will do well. Please rest as you accomplish it.
Darlene - You are right - getting ready to go to Florida is a major production. disconnect phone here, connect there - stop mail here, start there -stop paper here , start there - etc. etc.

I'll be getting the cortisone shot a week before I leave. So far, so good. I'm managing.

Rhea - Seems that way to me to - before I turn around it's time to "do all this again."

One Woman's Journey - That's usually the way it is - women take to much and men take very little.

Keith - I love being "a snowbird."

Momma - My plan is - pack - rest - pack - rest - pack - rest. That's how I get it all done!! ;-)
About your car that you shipped last year, how on earth did you manage to have "over a tank of gas"??? ;-) LOL

Gee, it seems like you just got to Boston and you're leaving already. I'm bad about that taking too much stuff, too, even if I'm just going away for overnight. Must be some kinda disease.
joared - You could be a proof reader!! You are the first person to catch my error. Of course what I meant to say was, "I still had more than a HALF a tank of gas." LOL. ;-)
I just found your blog on already have me laughing and I added you to my blog roll. Love it!!!!
So, Millie, it's that time of year again is it? Half a year sure goes by too fast doesn't it. Do you ever think about settling down to just one place for the whole year? Or would that be to boring>

Anyway. Bon voyage!

PS: the word verification I had to use was this

Strange isn't that
Maybe that applies to you, Millie :).
Elizabeth - welcome aboard! Thanks for your kind words.

Chancy - When the time comes and I am unable to go back and forth I'd STAY up north. All my friend are snowbirds too so I'd have to start making new friends down there and at this point in time that would be hard to do.

I have a very small family and they are here in "snow country" so that's where I'd live. I've thought about some type of senior residence but haven't zero'd in on anything yet.

"One of these days."
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