Saturday, November 14, 2009

New England is experiencing the tail end of a nor-easter - it's been raining all day today and for me that's a good thing. Last week I opened Pandora's Box and took out the boxes and bags that I need to pack for my winter in Florida. They pretty much sat there all week, they were ready for me but I was not ready for them.

Today, it's another story - who wants to go out on a rainy day like this so I stayed home and did get a lot done.


There is just so much I can do so every so often I took a reading break. I spent part of the afternoon reading "Shanghai Girls" by Lisa See. It's a great novel about two sisters who live in Shanghi in the late thirties. Their father is a very prosperous business man and the girls are having the time of their lives but the picture changes. Dad loses all his money and he must sell the girls as wives to repay his debts. Then begins a new chapter in the lives of the Shanghai girls. Great read.

Speaking of a great read, I funny thing happened to me the other day, three different people recommended "The Help." by first time author Kathryn Stockett. A friend of mine is reading it now and she says, she can't put it down.


The movies that are playing these days are not my cup of tea. Finally "Coco Before Chanel" came to town, wasn't keen on seeing it but thought it might not be too bad, after all a story about a fashion maven could be of some interest.

Well, it was ok - Audrey Tautou does a good job as Coco - she's thin, doesn't smile, stares a lot, wants what she wants and knows how to get it!

In one scene Coco attends a ball where she wears a black gown that she whips up for herself. All the other ladies are wearing fancy, frilly pastel gowns. That scene reminded me of Scarlett O'Hara wearing a RED gown at a ball in "Gone With the Wind."

Another scene that I enjoyed was when her lover takes her to the ocean, which she has never seen. It was a beautiful summer day and all the ladies are sitting on delicate chairs - on the sand - dressed in all their finery holding beautiful lacy umbrellas. Reminded me of a painting - Renoir?

Good News!

Molly's coming to a nearby theatre next week in YOO-HOO, Mrs. Goldberg!!

Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg Trailer from Aviva Kempner on Vimeo.

I remember listening to Molly on the radio and than watching her on TV. It was so many years ago but I still remember her husband's name was Jake, her daughter's name was Rosalie and her son's name was Sammy. I even remember her neighbor's name was Mrs. Bloom!

Sometimes I can't remember the names of people in my life now but Molly's family I remember!

I barely remember Molly, but I also remember Mrs. Bloom's name...LOL

I will look for those books, Millie. Both sound good.

I guess it won't be long before you find yourself in Florida.
Hi Millie, I had to see your blog before I went to bed. I was a little girl when we watched Mrs. Goldberg on the TV. I don't remember the complete program but It started to come back to me as I saw your video. Thank you for the trip into yesterday. I am reading "The Help" and I am enjoying it. You are keeping your mind and body busy while entertaining yourself. That is great! Thanks again,
Oh wow what a happy memory your post inspired. I remember bits and pieces of Molly. It was another thing that was shoved in the back of my mind. Thank you for pulling it forward.
I read a book by Lisa See too - Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Engaging story and very informative info on foot binding.
Yes Millie, "The Help" was avery good book. My daughter had read it and loaned me her copy. It has been on the NYT book list for a long time.

Btw, did you know that"Ragtime" is in revival in NYC and getting very good reviews.

Good luck and happy sailing on your move.
I saw "Coco," too. Enjoyed it for the afternoon, as so many movies I've seen in recent years seem to limit themselves to in my recollections.

I've enjoyed Lisa Sees writing, though I haven't read all of her books, since first encountering her book reviews in our L.A. Times before they altered it in recent budget-cutting years.

Sounds like you pace yourself well by adding those reading breaks during that packing chore. Expect we'll hear from you soon from Fla.

We didn't have TV then, or I wasn't watching much, so I missed seeing Molly, but recall hearing of the show her and other characters.
Millie, I am new to your site, and I love you and your postings. I bought the books "The Help", And "Shanghai Girls" on your recommendation, and really enjoyed both of them. I also purchased the Amazon recommendation when I bought those two, it is "Sarah's Key" by Tatiana De Rosnay. It was wonderful reading. It has two stories going on at once, one revolves a 10 year old Jewish girl in Paris, 1942 who was taken with her parents by the police, and she left her little brother locked in a cupboard, taking the key with her-but of course she did not return that night as she had hoped. The other story takes place in 1992, and is an American reporter, married to a Frenchman, who is researching the story of Sarah, and has problems in her marriage. Could not put it down. Best to you in Florida-it was-2 degrees here in Western New York Last night!
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