Sunday, December 20, 2009

One of the things I enjoy about Florida is the variety of restaurants that are good, reasonable and nearby. In the short time that I have been here I've had some wonderful meals. There are restaurants that have gone out of business, there are new places to try and than there are the tried and true ones that have been here for years.

One of the new places we tried while Steve and Carol were visiting was Finz which Steve found on "Yelp." One of the comments left on that site recommended the fish and chips. Yes, they were as good as what they said about that dish. What I particularly enjoyed was that one of the sides offered was a steamed vegatable. I had the treat of having some fried food but at least I had something that was good for me! ;-)

How can you be in Delray and not eat at the 3 G's - They been here for years, has the best of everything and is always busy.

One night we got there at 6:45 which is on the late side for senior citizens BUT there was an hour wait!

We opt to forgo the wait and went right next door to the Brick Oven restaurant which openend last season and was an immediate hit.

I had the chicken marsala ,which was outstanding, and Steve and Carol had a veggie pizza which they enjoyed.

The next night we were intent on having dinner at the 3 G's The plan was we would have a very light lunch and get to the restaurant by 4:45. It was raining cats and dogs when we left the condo so we figured that would deter people but NO, we got there and there was a half hour wait. Go figure!

The Wait at 3 G's

We had a delicious dinner which included everything from soup to nuts.

Chicken Noodle Soup to Start at 3 G's1/2 Chicken and Potato Pancakes at 3 G's

Hot Pastrami at 3 G'sKasha Varnishkas, Salmon Croquettes and Potato Pancakes at 3 G's

By the time it came to dessert none of us could have another bite so we got doggie bags to take home. I elected the coconut pastry which is a new item this season. Later that evening the THREE of us shared it. It was the best!!

Coconut Pastry at 3 G's

Reminded me of a pastry that I had when I was a child - An icicle. Anyone remember that treat?

Every season I wonder the same thing - If the restaurants are so busy - how come the supermarkets are always busy too!

Millie, you do get around! You look and sound to have had a marvelous time. The food looks delicious.
first off what was the saying on your shirt

and aren't you glad you aren't up in Mass for the snow -
Hi Millie, You are the best ambassador for the the town of Delray Beach. You are capturing all the details and flavor that natives experience in their local scene. I can hardly wait to get there as we are covered with all that white cold stuff. Enjoy! Enjoy! It sure is the place to be. Florida keeps you young in looks and spirit!
Millie, if I ever get to that part of Florida, I know just where to eat, thanks to you!!
I haven't visited in a long time, what with my trip to India and getting back and settled into winter and Paris.
It's good to find you having fun in Florida!
I watched your can't open it video and with eggs, to me it's either "can't open it without breaking at least one egg" or they get open by themselves! LOL
Ah, Millie, I was reminded of you, yesterday, while cataloging our 45 RPM vinyl records. I ran across Pete Fountain's "Thoroughly Modern Millie". It is #846 in the Excel spreadsheet which now numbers 866 entries. I have only one more stack of records to input.

Reading your blog, one would think that you never, ever eat at home. We who fix the great majority of our own meals envy you! If I ever get down to Floriday, again, I'll have to seek some of the restaurants that you tout!

Cop Car
Since I've lived there, I really do know how to spell Florida. My fingers just didn't cooperate and I didn't "preview"!
Eating places look "wonderful". I have been in the yard raking leaves - your sharing has made me hungry - but have nothing in house like you have shared.
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