Sunday, December 06, 2009
I Can't Open It: Eggland's Best

Millie buys a package of Eggland's Best for the first time and has trouble opening the package. Also featured, Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

Love the video, nice to know I am not the only one that has trouble opening packages sometimes. Hope the eggs were good.
Millie, how come I get older and you get better???

Have a safe trip to Florida and come back to the blog soon.
Hi Millie, Firstly, safe journey to the sunshine.

As for eggs, I hope they taste the extra cost worth. I'm of the school that an egg is an egg is an egg. Can't be done with this organic fluff.

As for the ice cream - Coffee, my next favourite after chocolate !
The best eggs are the freshest eggs. If you can get them from a local source, wash carefully, you will have eggs that sit up and smile.
Have a safe and pleasant trip to your Florida home. I hope the weather is sunny there and that your hip doesn't hurt. Take it easy and get lots of rest.
Kim - I found the eggs were as good as any eggs I have ever had. No difference, even though they cost more.

Kenju - Thanks for the good wishes. Being in Florida gives me new things to blog about. One never knows what I'll see, hear or do down there. One thing, for sure, there is always something!!

Keith and Tabor - Like you said Keith, "an egg is an egg, is an egg" and what you said Tabor -if it's FRESH, that's what counts. That's it in a nut shell or should I say "in an eggshell." ;-)

Darlene - Thanks for your good thoughts - I hope to enjoy the sunshine, pace myself and not run around too much. Did I say "run around" - forget that - haven't done that in a very long time! ;-)
Like you, Millie, the number of things I cannot open just grows and grows. My latest trial was trying to get the cellophane and sticky price code off a Revlon lipstick tube without mutilating the tube or myself

Trying to open an egg container isn't a task to treat lightly -- too much at risk -- remember Humpty Dumpty!

Wishing you well for your trip to Fla.
Hi Millie,

Have a safe trip and enjoy the sunshine.

Loved this "I can't open it." Glad you didn't break any eggs.

And - do you always look that good? Or do you "dress" for filming??
Chancy - I have the same trouble with the tube of Revlon lipstick - very difficult to get that cellophane removed. I use a small scissors and am very careful - so far so good, haven't cut myself or damaged the tube.

Collenn - Good question - no, I don't always look that good but when I know you will be checking me out I make sure to comb my hair and put on lipstick etc. etc. - lol
Hi Millie, I would like a Hoodsie ice cream write now. It looked Yummie!When I have ice cream in the freezer the ice cream talks to me. This way I can have control and not indulge to much. Great idea! I will have to think about PORTION CONTROL.
Enjoy Florida!
Now that my new PC is up and running I can go back and read some of the blogs that I missed. You have got to be the best dressed egg opener I have ever seen! Have a save trip.
Tabor - Since you are the second person to comment on how well dressed I was in this video, I'll tell you the real reason I was so dolled up.

I had attended a funeral that afternoon and did not change into my "egg opening outfit." lol
I always enjoy your videos!

I'd much rather buy eggs in cartons that are biodegradeable than plastic, which flat doesn't break down well (or open well!).
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