Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Where to begin! - with the help of Steve and Carol I have accomplish a lot in a week's time.


The very first thing we do when we get to Delray Beach is go to Comcast to pick up the modem.

Getting the Modem at Comcast - Delray Beach 2009 - Day 1

First thing Steve does when we get to the condo is set up my computer


The day we arrive the mission is to buy just what we will need for the next morning. After that it's one type of grocery store or another. Here's a sampling of where I spend my money!

There is a new Walmart Super Store near by. You name it, they have it.

Delray Beach 2009 Day 2 - Shopping

I bought food staples and some housewares.

Next it was a stop at Publix which is a very popular market down here. You can't beat their chale - delicious.

Steve likes the store very much because they carry his favorite beer and has a large section of wines.

Wine in the SupermarketBeer in the Supermarket

Another great place to shop is Famous.

An Aisle of Gefilte Fish! Delray Beach 2009 Day 2 - Shopping

That's where I picked up lox, chopped liver, plain cream cheese, chive cheese, sliced yogurt cheese and a plastic container of half sour pickles. Incidentally, Steve had a hard time openning the container and when he finally did open it he transferred the pickles to one of my plastic containers. I'll never buy those pickles again!!

For a few seasons now I've wanted Steve and Carol to experience "The Girls." We finally made it!

When you first approach the store it looks like a small quaint store but then it leads you to a huge outdoor garden where you can pick your own strawberries that grow above the ground.

The Girls - Delray Beach, Fl

In addition to the fruit and vegies that grow above the ground there's a mini zoo that adults and children can enjoy.

Another must place to shop is "The Boys." Like Carol said, "there is nothing like it in Boston." The parking lot is always loaded, you are lucky to get a place to park your car but once you get into the store and take a carriage, it's a challenge to get through the aisles. They carry everything and anything you could possibly imagine - cheeses, breads, fresh produce, fresh fish and lots of prepared foods - just to give you an idea of what is available.

Between stocking up and bringing home doggy bags, you should see my refigerator!!

Take a look:

Mom's Fridge

That fridge is awfully neat even though it is full. I want two young folks to help me get set up when I move somewhere new. Are they for rent?
I second that comment on the fridge. Very organized.

Beautiful, clear photo of the strawberry.
What a treat that visit must be and the live things are a joy to discover.
@Tabor One move a year is quite enough. We are free to visit warm climates though.
What is life without a modem???
Congrats on getting to Florida before the sub-freezing temps! That fridge sure looks inviting!
Millie! Steve came to our class to talk about social media and was talking about your blog. I love it by the way. I hope your having fun in Florida and enjoying the sunshine. Say hello to my parents, they are in Deerfield and LOVE the beach at Delray!
My gosh, Millie. You have enough food in your fridge to last until you move back to Boston. My fridge contains a bottle of orange juice, a gallon of milk, lettuce, tomatoes, a cucumber, a 1/2 dozen eggs, and a package of bagels.

The freezer is full of Lean Cuisine though. ;-)
WhaT A delight, Millie!!!!!
Hi Millie, It must be the Florida air because you look younger in Florida. That is a great photo of you and Steve. I can hardly wait to come down and buy the food from Famous Store everything looks so delicious. You get 10 stars for neatness in the refrigerator! Enjoy the winter!
Love Nanci
Oh, these stores sound wonderful.
I like all your choices of food.
I moved to the country and not much out here. A Publix I visit every two weeks. Your fridge looks great and you will not go hungry. For years I have thought of doing what you do and like Tabor "are they for rent".
When I was single, I kept about three items in it. Married, the fridge is jam-packed!

Is all of that food an invitation to your blog-friends to come dine with you? Looks wonderful!
; )
Cop Car
WOW! You got more in one day than I get in a month!

Glad you got there safely, Millie. Enjoy the warmth!
I agree with Anita, about the refrigerator, very organized....
I certainly agree with the T shirt Millie A List B Logger !
An uncle of ours was famous for saying that moving to Florida adds 12 years to a person's life. Any thought given to your moving to FL permanently ? You really do look much younger, and maybe more relaxed, than when you were up north. Patty.
To one and all: My fridge is back to normal now - The doggie bags are gone - it's time to eat out and replensh my inventory!

Pattie - Lots of pepole ask me that question. Florida is fun but very hot in the summer and fall.I wouldn't like that and besides that my family is up north so I'll continue to be a snowbird as long as I can go back and forth.
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