Saturday, January 30, 2010
Computer Problems in Paradise

Steve here.

My mom wanted you to know that she's having computer problems down in Florida and won't be able to make a post this week.

Millie is Surfing the Internet

She writes:
My computer is still not behaving - finally got a Comcast employee that set up a service call for me - not until THURSDAY - In the mean time I'll call my Florida buddy and tell him what's going on. Sometimes it works - mostly does not work.

Last year or the year before a service man came down and had to do something - (a power surge - a Florida problem? I think that's what it was.

Could you make a short post letting my people know that I have a computer problem?

In the meantime you could tell them about OUR radio spot.
My mom and I are going to be interviewed on Monday on Sirius Radio.

Doctor Radio at 5:30. I hope we will be able to get a recording to share...

That's so cool that you and your mom enjoy doing things together. Have fun doing the interview. :)
Millie, I am sorry that you are having computer problems and I hope you get it fixed soon. I have Sirius in my rental car for the next week or so. I'm going to try to remember to listen to you and Steve on Monday!
steve, you and your mom rock!!!!
Millie.....sorry you are out of comission!!!!! Will be waiting for your return!!!!!!!!

Lisa Collins
Great to see your picture ~~ join the club. Isn't it wretched when we have computer problems ? Fortunately, I have a daughter half my age who visits when I call her. I call her my Computer Tutor. She puts me back online in exchange for a good hot meal. Your sharp haircut, smart jacket and earrings all inspire me today to keep thinking young. Keep up your good work. PAT in chilly Vermont.
Thanks, Steve -- please tell Millie not to worry and that we love her!!!! We will be here when she returns -- hopefully quickly!!!!
Don't worry I'm sure others, like myself, will keep checking for your return!
Heard about your blog on XM radio during your interview. Cool! You're an inspiration! Stay connected and active. :) Hope your computer problems are resolved soon.
Hi, I heard you both on Sirius Radio yesterday and had to come check out your blog. I'm glad you are so enjoying what you are doing. I hope your computer is up and running again soon.
If I could hear on a radio I would have tuned to you and Steve. I am sure you were great since you are so sympatico.

Computer problems are a real pain. I hope yours is fixed now.
Heard you on Doctor Radio. Very good interview. I enjoyed it a lot. Keep up the blogging!
Comes the day when the son has to write a note for the mum... Steve can't do gym today because !
Just think how much good stuff you will have stored up to share with us when you are back in action on the computer
I loved hearing you and Steve on Dr. Radio. It was a very good interview.
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