Sunday, January 24, 2010
My friend Harriet invited me to join her for an afternoon Victorian Tea Party at Abbey Delray, a Life Care retirement community, in Delray Beach. Leave it to Harriet to come up with an invite to an enjoyable and informative afternoon.

Abbey Delray is unique since it offers three levels of living all within one community. You could move into an apartment and than if your needs change you could relocate to an assisted living unit on the grounds and still feel part of the community.

If your needs change Abbey Delray's Life Care concept provides unlimited access for full health care services which provides both recuperative care and short - and long term nursing care.

From what I understand even when you need more care the monthly fee will be virtually the same whether you're living independently or receiving health care. That's saying a lot - in otherwords you don't need to have long-term care insurance!

Oh and one other thing that impressed me - They offer one meal a day, AT YOUR CONVENIENCE!

That gives you some idea of what Abby Delray offers.

Now about the tea party.

We were invited into a private dining room and were seated at a table for eight. One of the ladies at our table told us she came to Abbey Delray when she was 80 years old and has been there for the past eight years!! My goodness, she looked wonderful, we complimented her and her response was, "I look and feel better now than when I first came. WHY, we asked? When she lived alone she was not eating right - now she's eating properly and enjoying the life style and the meals.

The table was set beautifully - we were presented with a lovely selection of wafer thin crust less tea sandwichs and delectable desserts. We each had indivdual tea pots. Oh and what my friend could not get over were the lovely decorated sugar cubes that were available to us.

To complete the afternoon one of residents who came originally from the Isle of Man told us some enjoyable stories and customs of a Manx tea party. She dressed the part of an english lady at an afternoon tea party - lovely long print gown and a matching large brimmed hat!!

Once the tea was over we took a walk around the grounds and saw the very inviting pool area - (it was a beautiful sunny day, one of the few we've had) found ourselves some comfortable chairs and topped off a lovely day at Abbey Delray!!

It seems like a very enjoyable and informative visit. Some place you might want to keep in mind if circumstances change in a person's life.
We have a few places like that around here, and the people we know who live in them are very happy there. Does it look like a place you would like, Millie?
I'm so glad you enjoyed your tea party. Isn't it fun to do something like that? We have a place like that at the First Ladies Library here.
It is nice to hear about the good things of moving into such a community. I could see how hard it might get when people cannot get around to visit friends and when you end up cooking only for yourself all the time.
This sounds like a wonderful afternoon. I love tea parties.
Millie--Your tea part sounds wonderful! (Did they mention the prices?)
; )
Cop Car
Sounds like a fun afternoon. I just found your blog.. through a Twitter post and think it is great that you are writing, sharing, and have such a following.

My sister lives near Delray Beach and is actually thinking of downsizing there now that her kids are grown. She is trying to talk my husband and I into doing the same.. we are ready to part with PA living.. at least in the winters!
momma and kenju
"just looking" as you say when you are shopping. - It's nice to know what's available. If I ever get ready for that type of a place it would be a place up north.

I'm sure that before the season is over my friend will come up with more fun things to do!

I don't mind cooking for myself (such that it is) but it's the shopping that I'm finding a big chore. That's one of the things that appeals to me about that kind of living. No groceries to lug home from the market.

You would have loved the pastries!!

Cop Care
They give me a rate sheet;
Just to give you an idea - a one bedroom - entrance fee $115,293 monthly maintance $1,958 which includes one meal a day, local phone service, weekly cleaning, cable tv and more.

The most impressive feature is the unlimited nursing care that provides rehabilitation and long term care!

Up north the entrance fees are much higher but the monthly maintance is less costly.

They get you one way or another.
Wonderful to have found someplace that fits, no?

A tea party! What fun! (I take 4 lumps and cream, please...)
I guess I won't be moving into a place like that. While I am sure the price is worth it, the move-in fee and monthly rate is way beyond my budget.
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