Sunday, January 03, 2010
In my last post I wrote about the movie going experience in Florida - how nearby the theaters are and how well attended they are. Well, last night I went to a neighboring town that has a new "Cinemark."

Everything is BIG about it. To begin with, the parking lot is huge but apparently not big enough because they have valet parking at a charge of $5.00. We did find a half decent place to park.

Upon entering the cinema, I can't refer to it as the movie theater, it's to big for that - there is a very large area to satisfy your every food craving at an exorbitant price.

How about a hot dog for $7.50 and a pickle for $2.25. Maybe they give you two pickles, I would hope so. Needless to say we didn't buy any of those goodies! Surprisingly the price of admission was only $6.50.

We got to the cinema long before show-time and had to wait in line until the earlier show broke. Well, after a while I found it was getting difficult for me to stand for such a long period of time. I needed to sit down, no seats anywhere to be found. It's like Las Vegas, not a seat in the house, only at the machines!

My friend said, "Millie, come with me I'll find you a seat" - She took me over to "The Arcade" which had plenty of seats. I found a seat at a machine and sat there until I couldn't stand the noise anymore. By the time I joined my friends in line there was only a short time before we were allowed into the theatre. It didn't take to long before the entire theatre was filled!

The movie we came to see was "UP in the AIR" starring George Clooney and Vera Farmiga.

It's about a corporate downsizing expert who loves his job. It's a very timely movie with so many people losing their jobs. There were a number of scenes where you were witness to the emotions that people felt when they were told they were being let go.

There were parts that were sad, some humor, some romance and if you are in the corporate working world it could really hit home.

I have always appreciated what Clooney has done but this time I think he really hit the nail on the head. He WAS the person he was portraying!!

The movie was great but I won't be going to that cinema again. Give me the little movie house around the corner anytime!

I don't like big complexes like that either - too impersonal and too costly (for food, etc.)

Millie, I was looking at the web-site "My parents were awesome" and I think I saw a photo of you in the ocean, submitted by Steve. You were a FOX!!
I don't like the multiplex cinamas either. I don't go to the movies often anymore. I joined Netflix and watch at home were I can prop my feet up and have a beer and a sandwich for less than admission.
Since I live out in the boonies and the only theater we have here is an old one with only 4 screens, I am intrigued by your luxurious theater.
Hi Millie, your blog is so cool and so are you! Happy new year!
No more little movie house here. We have to visit the multiplex at the mall.....darn it. Usually I take my own munchies too.
Hello Millie. I am taking a class at Elmhurst College in Illinois and you happen to be in my book. So I thought I would take a look see and here you are! I was compelled to tell you a kind hello and a Happy New Year and I hope that you keep up on your blogging. :)
I have been to that type of Cinema in California and I know what you are talking about.

As you know, standing hurts after awhile and I avoid any place that I have to stand.

I love George Clooney and doubt that he has ever been in a bad movie. I think he is very careful about the ones he selects. I am looking forward to seeing 'Up In Air' but will have to wait for the DVD as I no longer go the the theater.
Thanks for the movie commentary...I may have to see that one. I like George Clooney if only to look at!
Millie--You really love to get out and go. Marvelous! Some of us don't get out that much. I get out to gym&swim, to volunteer with the Red Cross, and occasionally to pick something up from Walmart. The last movie that I attended was probably 20 years ago, but we do attend five musical plays each summer. Without you, I wouldn't know what the entertainment industry is up to. Thank you for keeping us posted!

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It will be great to watch Thoroughly Modern Millie, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.
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