Monday, February 15, 2010
This afternoon I had the delightful pleasure of seeing "An Education" starring Carey Mulligan.

An Education

I've seen a number of good movies this season but this one takes the cake.

The acting was superb, the story line was very appealing, no blood, no murders and no car crashes.

The movie takes place in the 60's.

An Education

Carey Mulligan plays the part of Jenny, a sixteen year old English girl who plans to go to Oxford but at the same time wants to get away from the dull humdrum everyday life at home with her overprotective parents.

One rainy afternoon she meets a handsome and sophisticated man who is twice her age.

An Education

Peter Sarsgaard plays the part of David who charms her with his worldly ways. He even wins over her naive parents! (Sarsgaard reminded me of a young Jack Lemmon.) He opens up a whole new world for her, concerts, fine dining and even a weekend in Paris (with her parents approval - that part was unrealistic to me but it made a good storyline.)

In my day when "the girls" had negative things to say about a guy we would say "he was a jerk" David was more than a jerk, he as a downright scroundrel. I won't say any more about that, if or when you see the movie you'll see what I mean.

An Education

Jenny's father is played by Alfred Molina who I recently saw in "The Little Traitor." He was great in that movie as he is in this one. Cara Seymour plays Jenny's mother in the film and did a fine job in the role of the silent long suffering wife.

The film ran for 100 minutes and I loved every single minute of it!! What an education!!

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Thanks for the review, Millie! I will definitely look for that one.
Yep, I will check out this one.
I really appreciate your revues because I no longer go to the movies and must wait for NetFlix. With your recommendation I can put the DVD on my saved list. Thank you.
I can't wait to watch this.
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