Sunday, February 07, 2010
It's Complicated
First off, the problem with my computer has been corrected.

As I suspected it was similar to the problem that I had with the Comcast cabling last season. At that time, the service man got my computer going but took the easy way out and did not really do the job properly.

The fellow that came to service the computer connection this time had to move some furniture away from the wall and then was able to get to the source of the problem - a part had to be replaced. Now, I'm back in business.

Now, for something else that needs to be repaired.

My hip has been giving me trouble for some time now. In November I went to see an orthopedic surgeon and was told that I needed joint replacement surgery. Needless to say, I was not happy about that diagnosis.

I had plans to leave for Florida in December, had my plane ticket, car transport arranged and all the other details taken care of.

The doctor said that after the surgery there would be a recovery time of about six weeks and then I could take off for Florida. My thought was, "sometimes things don't go smoothly and I could be stuck up North in the cold for a length of time."

I decided to go South as planned and made arrangement for the surgery when I return to Massachusetts. I'm not the run around that I usually am down here, limit what I do
in a day and am managing fairly well.

The Mah Jong and card games go on.

Recently saw "Precious" - a powerful movie, very well acted by Gabourey Sidibe and Mo'Nique.

Gabourey was great as a troubled tenn ager and Mo'Nique was amazing as her mother.

Another movie that gave me some great laughs was "It's Complicated" starring Meryl Streep (my favorite actress) and Alex Baldwin.

What a peach of a pair they are.

John Davidson performed at my clubhouse recently, I've seen him a number of times and he still "has it."

What a great talent - he comes across as a down-to-earth person, was on stage for an hour and a half - audience loved him, me too.

Well, I haven't been running around as I usually do but after making this post I realize I'm still in there pitching!!

Dang!!!! If it's not one thing, it's two or three!!!!!!!!

Keep us posted and take care!

And yeah, John Davidson is still a hunk.
I'm glad that you got the computer problems sorted. It is the most immediate problem. The hip will keep until you're ready to deal with it! In the meantime I hope it doesn't hobble you too badly. I bet you're glad you are down in Florida with all the SNOW that was dumped on that part of the world recently!
Millie, I hope your hip doesn't hurt too badly in the Florida warmth. Good to know your computer troubles are over (for the moment) and I loved "It's Complicated" as well!
Well I will have to see "It's Complicated" after seeing the trailer.

I hope the hip problem can be taken care of with as little problems as necessary. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress.
Yes, you are still in there pitching. Good for you, Millie.

I want to see "It's Complicated" and would love to see John Davidson, but after reading about 'Precious" I think I'll pass.

You were wise to wait for the surgery. It has taken a year for me to recover and I am still not fully there. I may never be, but I do understand the recovery is not as long if you don't break your hip.
Dear Millie,
I'm new to your blog, and I love it! My friend recommended it to me. I check in every week and love hearing what you have to say. Glad the computer problems worked out! My Sundays wouldn't be so interesting if they didn't! Looking forward to your next post...
Hi Millie, I'm a fan of your blog. I have an award for you, so stop by my blog to pick it up. You are so right-John Davidson is a good looking guy!
Yup, new hip here too. Maybe two one day...but not yet. Glad you are up and running again in time for Valentines day. Happy day.
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