Tuesday, March 16, 2010
There is a first time for everything - This is the first time in all the years that I have been blogging that I am writing about the same thing two weeks in a row.

Yesterday we had high winds, temperatures in the high 70's, heavy rain and tornado warnings.

Drinving in the Rain in Ireland

Fortunately we did not get hit with a tornado but it was not a pleasant day.

Today we are having very heavy rains - no heavy winds, no tornado warnings but it's raining heavy enough so that I canceled the plans I had for the day.

Weeks ago while I was out shopping I came across an attractive bathing suit, the price was right, the colors were lovely and when I tried on the suit, it fit! Optimist that I am, I bought the suit with hopes of wearing it in the near future. It is laying quietly and patiently in a dresser draw.

I'll be leaving in a few weeks, the way things are going it looks like I'll have to wait until I get up north to get my suit wet!

Pretty soon I'll be packing all the clothes I brought down here, most of which have been hanging in my closet, not touched by human hands!

The only time I've been to the pool area this season is when we play Mah Jongg.

Photo by: justmakeit CC BY-NC

My group likes to play outside so even if it is cool out, we bundle up and play outdoors.

Last week we set up outside and played for about two hours and than it got so cold and windy we had to wrap up the tiles and gingerly carry them inside the clubhouse.

Forecast for the next few days - sunny and mild - I'll believe it when I see it!

Funny because last week we had sunshine ang the 60s in Ohio and I didn't wear my winter coat all week!! Just ran around in a sweater and jeans. This week we are back to normal for -- it was cold and damp March. Glad to hear you'll be back soon!!!!
I guess Ohio and Michigan got your sunshine Millie--sorry. No I'm not sorry it was lovely!!!!!
I am bringing my grandchildren to Longboat Key next week and not looking forward to the sound of this! As you know, I was already done there once looking for warm weather.
It has been and still - cool, rainy in Tennessee. First Spring in my new woods cottage and I want to start gardening. Weather unusual everywhere. Smiled about your piano player.

This is the most unusual winter I have ever spent here in Florida.

Today very cool and rainy. I had the heat on for a while just to get the chill out.

Right now I'm wearing a sweat suit around the house.

I HOPE you have GOOD weather when you get down to Longboat Key. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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Millie, I hop by now that you are seeing signs of spring and warmer weather. It will be in the 70's here tomorrow and over the weekend, so surely you'll be warmer too.

The sun IS shining today but it is still cool. The weather man predicts the 80's for Sunday.

I hope he's right!
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