Monday, March 22, 2010

My clubhouse offers several shows a month, since March is such a busy month I only signed up for one show. I wanted to leave some dates open so I could get together with friends I haven't seen all season.

Trying to make a date for lunch or dinner is a difficult thing to do. Everyone has commitments, they either have family visiting from out of state, play cards, have show tickets, or have doctor appointments. If you are trying to get together with a couple it's a sure bet one or the other has a doctor's appointment.

I finally got together with old friends who lives down here permanently. We spent a wonderful afternoon at a local deli where I had the very best hot corn beef sandwich on rye bread.

Hot Pastrami at 3 G's

We had a great visit and a delicious lunch.

I have another friend who lives down here permanently, spoken to her on the phone several times but with one thing and another, we were not able to get together. She was especially busy going to rehearsals for a show that her condo was working on.

If your friend is going to appear on stage - you go see the show. That's how I got to see her. It was a fun production and my friend not only sang in the show, she did the make-up for the cast.

Another thing that I have been working on is trying to use up the food in my freezer. It has turned out to be a no win situation. Friends are starting to go back north SO we go out for a good-by lunch or dinner. I wind up taking home doggie bags, my inventory just gets bigger instead of smaller. I can just eat so much!!

Mom's Fridge


Most of the clothes I took down with me, I haven't worn. It's been such a cold winter I rarely wore any short sleeve tops or capri pants, forget the bathing suits altogether.

As a matter of fact I had to buy a long heavy bathrobe which I wore most mornings.

One of my blogging friends reminded me not to carry a scissors in my handbag otherwise the security at the airport would take it away from me. Thanks for the reminder.

The local supermarket has been running promotions - buy one - get one free. Well, I fell for that but how much can I use SO I'll be packing up the surplus food in my car.

What I don't put in the car will go to some friends and neighbors. They'll have lots of goodies to remember me by!

Pretty soon I'll be flying high, winding up and unpacking!


Left over food in our house goes to the chickens. You should think about getting a flock. ;-)
Have a safe trip back. We may be crossing paths as we are heading down that way again in about 7 days!!
Looks like you're having fun!!! And I envy you your corned beef sandwich -- the only really good deli closed a while ago.

Have a safe trip!!!!!
Between you and me, we know who that person is - your mom and my friend!!

If the chickens counted on me they would go hungry.

Last night we had heavy rain and lightening!! I hope that by the time you get down here the weather improves.

There isn't a deli up north that comes even close to the corn beef sandwich that I get down here.

It's almost worth the trip to Florida just to get such a tasty meal.
Listening to you on XM radio right now. You go, girl! Love your blog!
Millie, I hope you go home to better weather than you had in FLorida!!
Take care coming North Millie!
Have a safe and pleasant trip home, Millie.

I got hungry just looking at that corned beef sandwich. I love corned beer. Now I'm off to see what's in my fridge. (Nothing like your, I can assure you. Probably some wilted lettuce and an overripe tomato.) I wish I were there to take some of the goodies off your hands.

Wouldn't you know - I went out to eat last night and wouldn't you know - I took home a doggy bag.

Here I am trying to get rid of food and I'm bringing food home.

I sure could use your help. ;-)
Hello Milly, I just loved the picture of the sandwich. I am out in Arizona for the winter and found your blog..I really enjoy it very refrigerator looks the same as I am packing and leaving for home NJ on Tuesday.
Thanks for sharing your day.
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