Sunday, April 11, 2010
Boston Skyline Panorama

It was 90 degrees when I flew into Boston on Wednesday! It never even hit 80 degrees the entire winter while I was in Florida. Go figure.

The Jet Blue flight was as smooth as silk, left on time and came in earlier than scheduled. After Steve picked me up, we went out to dinner and then to a supermarket for the basics.

First thing I did when I got into my condo,I looked around and found everything in good shape. One year when I came home from Florida I had water damage. This time everything was fine (or so I thought.)

First thing that Steve does for me is connect my computer. First things first!

When I started to use the kitchen sink I noticed a puddle gathering on the counter top. The next morning I called my maintenance person, he took a look and saw there was a lot of corrosion around the faucets and found a puddle under the sink! The next afternoon he put in a new set. It's good looking, does not leak but who wants to deal with this when you first come home!

Two days before I left for Florida I had the car transport company pick up my car. Usually it takes between six to eight days for delivery. This time I received a call early on the fifth day, they had my car and would deliver it that morning. By the time the car arrived it had started raining and as the day progressed it was raining buckets.

It was raining way to hard to unload the car so I had to wait until the next day for that operation.

That gave me a day to try to get used to where things are around here. This happens to me every year, where do I keep the reynolds wrap, where are my cups and saucers, pots and pans, light switches and so on and on. It's not a matter of age (really), being away for four months could get anyone confused!! (really)

Now that my car is unloaded I have the huge job of unpacking and getting things put away where they belong!

That's why I say, "I'm back, sort-of."

Welcome home, Millie!!!!!!
Best we've had in the UK is mid 60's but after a cold winter, everyone was having chilly barbecues in the weekend sunshine.

Happy to hear you had landed back in the nest safely. In a couple of days all will be right as rain for you (ops wrong word to say--I'll substitute sunshine.
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