Monday, May 10, 2010
The Mother's Day Gift 2010

Millie is going in for hip surgery so her thoughtful son Steve brings her the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Update 5/11/10 12:10 PM:

The surgery was successful and Millie now has a new hip!

Update 5/12/10 10:17 AM:

My mom has two lovely ladies helping her to get up an do therapy this morning.

Update 5/13/10 12:44 PM:

Good News. Moving to rehab tomorrow.

Update 5/16/10 9:28 AM:

First full day at rehab yesterday. My mom is up and walking without the expected pain. She's gone the the 'gym' and is doing all the excercises that the therapists have scheduled. After yesterday's workout, she had cake and lousy coffee. Everything can't be perfect. :-) There's a computer in the activity room so she can read all your comments. She loves reading them.

Update 5/16/10 7:18 PM:

Today we took a walk down the hall, into the elevator, and out to the garden deck. We brought in Dunkin' Donuts coffee as a treat!

Update 5/19/10 11:00 PM:

Update 5/26/10 11:00 PM:

Mom goes home tomorrow. She's doing great and has been taking notes, on paper, in a notebook. She told me that writing is a lot easier with a computer.

Here she is walking down the hall in her scrubs:

Thanks for all your comments.

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