Sunday, June 06, 2010
I'M HOME: 8 Tips to Surviving Hospital Food
I was at the hospital for three days, at the rehab for two weeks, and now I've been home over a week. I've got people coming and going, friends helping me, therapists, nurses, and homemakers. It's like Grand Central Station.

The good news is that I'm walking around like a teenager. Well, not really like a teenager, but walking without any pain.

Now that I have a new hip, I can think back to what it was like before the surgery, and it was painful.

Now I have no pain. After the surgey I had no pain. The nurse asked me on a scale of 1 - 10, if I had any pain, I told her "0." Then she said I couldn't get any pain medication. Well I wanted pain medication when I did my therapy. So I told her "three."

Here I am walking:

While at the rehab I found the staff outstanding - whatever I asked for was given immediate attention - the usually response was, "is there anything else I can do for you."

The only thing I found lacking was in the FOOD department. As time went by I learned how to insure that I got a meal I could enjoy.

8 Tips to Surviving Hospital Food

1. I ordered two entrees - I doubled my chances - that way, if one wasn't to my taste the other one might be good - sometimes even that technique didn't work!

My Mom's Meal
Meal One: Hamburger Meal Two: Chicken with Rice

2. Mornings I would order a hot cereal - by the time it came to me it was cold - the staff was very busy in the morning so I didn't want to bother them. When I mentioned it to a therapist, she said, "that's what they are there for." After that if my cereal was cold I called and asked for it to be heated.

3. I love my cup of coffee in the morning. After a few mornings of getting coffee that was bitter I decided to request a cup of tea instead. I wasn't happy with that so I had a brilliant idea - "why don't I ask for a cup of coffee and a cup of hot water." That way I could dilute the coffee and it wouldn't be so strong. That didn't work - so I settled for just a cup of hot water.

4. One morning I ordered a banana as a fruit for breakfast. It was over-ripe. When I mentioned it to Steve he suggested that I specify on the menu that I do not want any brown spots on the banana. Would you believe after that I got a banana just the way I like it!

5. With time I found out that if I did not like the meal I received I could call the kitchen and request something else as long as as it was before 6:30p.m.

6. One day I mentioned to a therapist that I enjoyed the grilled cheese sandwich I had for lunch. She suggested that I could request a slice of ham and tomato as part of the sandwich. All I had to do was write in my request!

7. Some mornings I would wake up about 5:00 a.m - breakfast was delivered about 8:00 a.m. That was too long to wait so I called the aid and she brought me tea and toast to tide me over until my meal was delivered.

8. Every night about nine p.m. I would request some warm milk, graham crackers and peanut butter for a bedtime snack.

Not only did I learn some very helpful exercises at rehab I learned how to order and receive a decent meal.

Now that I'm home I'm having that great cup of coffee that I missed so much. Happy days are here again!!!

Wow! I'm impressed with the wonderful service while in rehab. And I'm with you & the coffee thing in the morning. Ruins my whole day if it's delayed for some reason. Wishing you well. We've missed you. Dee
Checked your site everyday. Each time there was no update I said a few more prayers.
So glad you are back and doing so well!
Welcome home Millie. You are one terrific surviver. You look 60!
Millie, I have wondered how you were getting along!~ So glad to know that your surgery went well, you're out of pain and back home - where meals will not be so hit or miss!!

My hip pain isn't going away, so I might be doing all that before too long.
Welcome home!
Thanks for the excellent advice on hospital food. I'll file it away for whenever it is needed.
I love seeing the spring in your step!
- Lee
I'm so pleased that you're home and walking pain free! Hospital food has historically been awful. I have one question. Do they still serve jello cut up in squares?
You're so chipper! Glad it worked out well.
Welcome back ~ you were missed. Two years ago I fell in a Moab, Utah restaurant while visiting my son. My fractured hip extended my visit to one month, with surgery and rehab. Considering the circumstances, my experience was A+ with compassionate care and fabulous meals. We're walking ~ we're back intact. Aren't we fortunate ? You sound like such a fun and positive person. Thanks for your inspirational blogs.
I haven't been visiting for awhile, so I was surprised to hear that you were in the hospital. So glad that the hip surgery was so successful. Take care, and don't do too much too soon.
Hospital food is awful, wherever you are. But it is so delightful to actually see you back home and walking, pain-free, Millie!
Welcome back home and thanks for all the tips.
Millie, I am so glad that your surgery and rehab went so well. It is so nice to have you back.
Good for you, Millie

You are walking nice and easy.
Congrats on the new hip.
You look fantastic. Couldn't tell you recently had a hip replacement. Glad you're home where the good food is....
Hi Millie, It doesn't take much to make you happy....A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE! I am so glad that you are a new woman! Tylenol and Advil stocks will be going down since you don't need it any more.
Keep up the good work! Nanci
you're back millie. i couldn't help but to check your site everyday. now you're back, my waiting is over.

You hospital food looks palatable at least. When I was having surgery last year, I discovered all those stories and jokes about NHS hospital food were true. It was aboninable.

Glad to see you are on the mend Millie, you'll be back to the trampoline soon then ? KP
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