Sunday, June 13, 2010
It's amazing how every day I see some physical improvement, I saw that, especially while I was in rehab. There were days when I could not move my left leg. I would look at it and will it to move but it was like a 100 pound bag of cement. The next day it was more like a 50 pound bag of cement and as the days went by I was able to move it easily.

And that's the way it was with my walking. At first it was an effort to walk using the walker (with an aide by my side.) As the days pasted I was walking in a normal relaxed manner, still with the aide by my side. At one point she said - "slow down, you are walking to fast)

At that point in time, whenever I had to get out of bed for whatever reason and whatever hour I had to call an aide and use the walker. ( I got up a lot during the night.) I keep those aides very busy!!

Eventually I got promoted - I could take a stroll with the walker without the aide accompanying me!!! That was a big deal!!

When I first came home I was using the walker and gradually I found myself "just walking around without it." When I leave my apartment and have to take the elevator to get my mail in the lobby, I do use the walker.

One day when my physical therapist came she observed that my balance was good and suggested we go for a walk without the walker. Well, I was OK with that but was disappointed that I tired easily and didn't go as far as I would have liked, so I realize I'm not quit ready to participate in a marathon.

A few weeks ago when I went for a check-up with the surgeon I asked the question, "when will I able to drive?" His answer to me was, "when you feel ready." A' ha - well, I'm thinking I'm getting ready but my next thought is, "when I get where I'm going, what will I be able to do?" Maybe I'll do one errand at the bank or just do "a little shopping at the market." I don't want to rush things, just thinking - "won't it be great to go to a store, browse around and feel no pain." Sooner than latter!

Peanut butter on a store shelf

While at the rehab I had a few opportunities to take a shower using a shower chair and a hand held shower - it's not like a regular shower but a shower is a shower. I purchased that equipment and was instructed how to use the items at home - well, I was not happy taking a sit down shower, felt I was strong enough and since my stall shower has bars I now take a regular shower!!

Now, that's progress!!

Glad to hear your making progress. I read your post and wish you the best of luck.
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Well done on the progress! It sounds like you have chosen the "leaps and bounds" path to recovery which is no surprise to me.

I hope that when you go out in the car for the first time, you do something other than go buy peanut butter! Get yourself a REAL treat, a present for having been through this.
That IS progress. I am amazed at how fast you have recovered. But you are one wilful lady, aren't you? I'm with Peggy, when you get out in your car, get yourself a real treat because you deserve it.
You are the bounce back babe, obviously.
Boy, I've missed the Big Top show!

So glad to hear the hip surgery has gone without a...dare I say it...hitch.

(As in: "I got a hitch in my get-along!)

Keep at it girl. How about some salsa classes? Soon...
Millie, I have not read your blog since you were in Florida. I had big time computer problems since moving to the country. Just quit reading for months and very few entries on mine. My service was slower then dial-up. Problem is now solved.
I just read all the entries about your hip surgery. You have done great and in inspiration for any of us that might have to have it done. Continue to heal.
It is very good progress! Mr. kenju has had to use a shower chair since his stroke and even though he probably doesn't need it now - he still uses it. I have to move it out of the shower every time I get in (darn it). Glad you are doing better!!
I think you are making very rapid progress. I am using a walker again because my daughter was unable to rent a wheelchair for me and bought a nice walker with a seat for me.

My balance is my biggest problem, but after all this time I still have pain and weakness. I am amazed at how well you are doing.
Hi Millie, I have voted you Mrs. Positive! You have the most positive attitude. That is why you have conquered your obstacles caused by your operation. You are an inspiration and you should be very proud of yourself for your achievements. Keep up the good work and I can hardly wait to have a luncheon date with you! Nanci
I must have blanked out but I don't know what the photo of peanut butter was ablout?

Glad you are making progress.
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Great to hear you are making progress
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