Sunday, June 27, 2010
I've been thinking about what I could make a post about this week. Nothing came to mind until this afternoon. Why not write about the simple pleasures that I have experienced recently, things that we take for granted, things that we just do without a second thought!

For example, just getting into your car and driving anywhere you would like to go.

Going to the supermarket, going up and down the aisles and experiencing no pain.

Millie Garfield and Florida Oranges

Buying items that are not on a list, just buying on impulse.

Not having to have someone present while you take a shower, just take one when the spirit moves you.

Go to your favorite hairdresser, get a great shampoo, hair cut and kibitz with the people in the shop.

On a hot night taking a walk on the beach and then going into a local "hot dog joint" for a Sinatra dog called "Have It Your Way."

Boston Hot Dog Company
Boston Hot Dog Company photo by Christopher Schmidt CC BY

I had mine with mustard, relish and sauteed onions. And to top it off, a dish of pistachio ice cream.

Spending an afternoon with friends playing Mah-Jongg - a little talk, a lot of playing, losing a little, winning a little and clearing the mind - not thinking of anything but "the game."

Being your own chef and bottle washer is great, you eat what you want, when you want.

Millie at Lunch

I'm enjoying everything I make.

I even enjoyed something as simple as sunny side eggs. I better start watching the numbers on the scale!

What are your simple pleasures?

Millie, you are looking lovelier each picture! The pain is gone from your eyes.
Hearing my great-grandson giggle.

Giggles and Guns
Glad you're feeling better, Millie!!!

My simple pleasure is just being alive and I realized that I've been celebrating that for 32 years -- some years with more enthisiasm than others!!!! LOL
My simple pleasures are sunrises and sunsets and watching everything outdoors. Hotdog with mustard, relish and onions sounds ok but pistachio ice cream? ;-) I don't think I would like that...are you sure you are not pregnant?
What a nice post, Millie. It is great to see you without pain and able to focus on your simple pleasures.

I have many, but good neighbors is one of the top most on my list right now.
I love that you are so happy with life. For me, the best things in life include good health, seeing my friends, being with my dog.
You look fantastic, Millie. I am so glad the pain is gone and life is returning to normal.

For me the simple pleasures are watching a video and eating popcorn or taking a day off and reading a good mystery.

I no longer drive so going someplace is either to a doctor's appointment or to the grocery. I don't find either one of those to be pleasurable. ;-(
Hi Millie,
My simple pleasures are just sitting outsie and listening to the birds, also watching them - especialy the crows. They are so funny!
I aso enjoy doing things for my family and friends. Making them happy makes me happy.
Cooking is also a simple pleasure that I enjoy. I love the simplicity of a fresh meal, and you are right about eggs. There is something so enjoyable about eating a home cooked egg.
I love your smile!
Hi Millie, You look so happy and grateful to be back to normal. You are an inspiration to everyone.
My simple pleasure is to be able to live a healthy life with my family, and friends. Wake up in the morning and live another day! Able to take care of myself.

TODAY IS TRULY A GIFT.......that is why we call it the PRESENT!
The simple pleasures truly are the best as you've shown here.

Comments suggest you've been ill, so glad you're better now.

FWIW I've returned to writing and blogging after stopping the end of '09.
Boy do I LOVE that post! Millie, you are a truly lovely person, inside and out. I love sitting on my porch, watching the birds flit among the flowers to get nectar. I love watching the sunset on the beach (near my house, lucky me). I love hot toast and strong coffee at breakfast.
I'm 51 years old and have a lot to learn from you.. keep on writing!!!
Millie, you are so right, the simple pleasures are definitely the best! And as Kay said earlier, being alive is just wonderful and the best pleasure there is as far as I am concerned!
Millie, working in my garden, sitting on my porch and the sun come up and sun go down. Watching the birds and downloading a great image. Happy to be back in my small town - where there is always a smile, a hug and it is just wonderful. Love my new smaller home at the edge of the woods. If I keep my health - that is everything!!
Hi Millie,

I really liked your posts about your Mother's Day gift and about hospital food, but this one (Simple Pleasures) is the best. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

Mark Levine
What a gorgeous pic of you!

Simple pleasures for me are a good cup of coffee and hot buttered toast, eaten in bed with a book on Saturday morning. Or laughing with a friend till my stomach hurts :)
So many people take the little things for granted. Until there taken away then the stuff seems more important than anything.
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