Monday, July 26, 2010
The sun was shining, the birds were singing and it was a beautiful day - time to spend an afternoon at the pool, visit with friends and take a dip. The conversation was flowing and the pool was delightful.

When I get into the pool my intention is to do some exercises but what usually happens is I do a little something and then join the ladies who are just standing in the pool talking. There are only a handful of women who swim or do any kind of exercise in the water. Funny, but the same thing happens in Florida - I guess the women would rather kibitz than exercise!

After a refreshing dip in the pool the conversation usually goes like this, "would you like to go out to eat tonight." Someone is always interested - next question - "where would you like to go?" Okay, place, time and driver are decided. Most of us do not drive at night so it's usually "Jan" who drives.

Last night, by the time we got home, it was 8:30 p.m.

Mad Men was not on until 10:00 p.m. so I had one hour to fill before Don Draper and his gang were on. I checked the TV page and found out that there was a PBS special featuring "Sinatra at Carnegie Hall." Frank Sinatra performed that concert in June 1980. What a wonderful show that was!!

Before I knew it, it was 10.00 p.m. and a new season of Man Men started.

Don Draper Photo courtesy AMC

I could make a whole other post about the show but all I'll say is - the characters are changing, times are changing and life is not the same for Don Draper.

Mad Men Recap: Ep. 401, "Public Relations"

All in all I enjoyed every part of my Sunday!

I know what you mean about not getting any exercise in the pool. That happens to me at our health club. At home, I blame it on laziness.....LOL

I have only seen Mad Men one time. I think someday I'll rent the whole series and watch it all at once.
It sounds like a perfect Sunday.

I have never watched Mad Men but maybe I should give it a go.
I also watch Mad Men, but my comments are regarding "I Am Love' which I saw this past weekend. I have about a dozen questions...maybe I will do a post.
Watching the whole series is a good idea - that way you will get to know the characters and appreciate the current season.

If you do take a look at Mad Men give yourself time to get acquainted with the characters.

Like I said to kenju, it would be good to see some of the past season's shows so you could have some background about the people on the show. That way you would enjoy Mad Men all the more.

The day after the show, my friends and I analyze what "the meaning of that was." It's fun!

I hope you do make a post about "I Am Love." Maybe we would get some answers!!
Hi Millie, The new Don Draper of Mad Men seems so troubled and short fused. He looks like he has reached the peak of Stress. He lost his home, wife and doesn't see his children every day. Life is full of chaos. His business is also in turmoil and things are not going great.
I feel so bad for him and the kids. How can we help him?
We recorded the new episode of Mad Men... maybe I'll watch it tonight!
I love Mad Men! Don and his green eyes *swoon* He is a little kinky for me though ;p at least after all the slapping in the season premiere!
thank you
God, I adore Mad Men. I watch it on Monday nights, though, because I don't like to stay up too late on Sundays.
Sounds like you had a great day!!! I'm so glad!!!
Sounds like a perfect day
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