Sunday, July 11, 2010
I can't stop thinking about the song Cole Porter wrote for his musical - Kiss Me Kate. The song says it all, "Too Darn Hot."

It's been just too darn hot for the past few weeks. Some days it's been hotter here in Massachusetts than what it was in Florida. As a matter of fact, it was never this hot all of last winter down South.

I've been running the air conditioner night and day - it helps a lot but it's working very hard to keep the place comfortable. And what an electric bill I just got!! Looks like next month's bill will be even bigger.

We've had a number of days where the temperature has been in the high 90's. On hot days like that I choose to stay home.

It's even too hot to think of anything funny, sad or entertaining to blog about.

Right now I'm going to go into the kitchen and get myself an ice cold popsicle!

I know just how you feel, Millie. We've had the same heat wave. Here it got over 100* several days and the humidity was high too. I stay inside as much as possible when it is like that, and I dread seeing the power bill for this month. Ai-ai-ai!
Hi Millie,
I was surprised to see your weather report Post. This is actually how I feel. I am melting and dripping all the time due to the heat. The air conditioner is constantly running and WOW! the electric bill was out of sight and the AC keeps running.
It is Summertime and the living is suppose to be EASY! I find the humidity oppressive and hard to breathe.
I enjoyed the Kiss me Kate video of Too Darn Hot.
Thank you
Hi Millie,
I was surprised to see your weather report Blog. I enjoyed your video of "Too Darn Hot!" My electric bill was "too darn High!" The AC keeps running and I really do not feel that cool. It must be the humidity and I feel limp. It is SUMMERTIME and the living is supposed to be easy.
Think Cool!
Hey Millie, stay inside. Not safe outside in this heat.
The electric company is the only one enjoying this heat wave.
LOL It's hot in Ohio, too!!! Six months from now we'll be shivering!!!!
Our hottest day was 118, but on average we're staying around 109-112. We're at the start of our rainy season so our humidity is at 27% up from our usual 10%. This is the time of year that our electric bill starts to look like a second mortgage payment. :0[
It's 101* here right now, but the humidity is 26%. That's high for here, but we are building up to our monsoon season and the clouds appear in the afternoon, but no rain.

I know what you mean about utility bills in this heat. I dread getting mine this month because it has been at or over 100* every day.
*I just read AZ's post and should have done so before writing mine. I guess I duplicated the news from the desert.
In England we think it is very hot when it gets into the 80s, and 90 is really unreasonable (although they are threatening us with that tomorrow) -- only if you say it in celsius it doesn't sound so bad.

But mostly we don't have airconditioning, not even in offices and many shops.

I want a popsicle!
My sister loves musicals. I am sure she knows all about this one. She has been doing ballet now for 17 years.
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You should see what the weather is like in the middle of summer here in Sydney! The sun is so strong it literally burns your skin off.

Really enjoying your blog by the way.
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